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Unity’s Location Is

Wherever A Shareholder Lives


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

The only thing about Unity that is a fixed location in time and space is Unity's office building. The reality of Unity is not a physical place or location fixed in time and space. Therefore, Unity’s location is wherever a shareholder lives. At its core, Unity is a philosophy of action and activity that is based on the principles of "many paying a little", that Otis Harrison has developed. However, the concept could not, would not and cannot work without George Sistrunk's ©Transition Documents. Therefore, when properly understood, New Age Capitalism™, (the term developed by George Sistrunk) is the only means by which poverty can be eradicated and the Black community can earn a right to sit at the economic table. New Age Capitalism™, when properly understood is the only means by which environmental issues can be solved, social issues solved, economic issues solved, political issues solved, zero energy technologies developed and anything else human society needs for long term sustainability that can be researched and developed.


            New Age Capitalism™ is independent of race, creed or national origin, religious beliefs, education, relationships, affiliations or any other self limiting factor. When it comes to asset acquisition, there are only seven questions a New Age Capitalist™ will ask himself/herself.


1.         Does an opportunity exists for profit or gain?


2.         What are the downside risks? ( the potential for loss)


3.         What is the upside gain? (profit making potential)


4.         Is it morally sound?


5.         Is it ethically sound?


6.         What are the tangible and/or intangible benefits for myself?


7.         What are the tangible and/or intangible benefits for others?


            Anyone with half a brain can ask himself/herself the same seven questions. Now that Shareholders & invitees to this website have a working knowledge of New Age Capitalism™, we can now proceed to a definition of New Age Capitalism™ the historical record can and will support.



What is New Age Capitalism™?


New Age Capitalism™ is an asset acquisition philosophy and strategy that is based on "many paying a little to capitalize, fund or provide money for a corporate entity that they collectively own". This concept came into existence because of the failure of government policies, as it relates to people of color living in America, apathy within the African American community as it relates to self development and personal growth and rampant; as well as, deeply entrenched ignorance as to the limitations and the devastating impact of government sponsored programs on the African American community and the absence of the psychological and intellectual importance of community directed economic development and growth.


New Age Capitalists™; like Unity's shareholders, did not create the African American economic nightmare of total dependency on others to educate African Americans, provide jobs for African Americans, give African Americans credibility and/or careers and provide opportunities for African Americans. New Age Capitalists™ have simply discovered effective methods and means that will reverse this trend. For the first time in our history, African Americans can become participants, innovators and beneficiaries of technological development and growth, rather than be the only ethnic group that is always marginalized, victimized and/or demoralized by advanced technological innovation. Advanced cotton picking technology destroyed the need to have millions of Black people in the cotton fields and robotic technology has virtually eliminated the need for hundreds of thousands of factory workers. The abundance of factory jobs, spurred the migration of Black people out of the South into what are now the crumbling Ghettos and inner cities of the North, Northeast and West. The African Americans that remained in the South now have the same debilitating community realities as every other town or city with large African American populations, regardless of its location.


            A New Age Capitalist™ can be anyone, living anywhere on the planet; such as, a retired worker, a bum on the street, an entertainer, movie producer, writer, artist, educator, plumber, machinist, small business owner, or a farmer growing organic foods in Idaho, Israel, Canada or anywhere else he can take advantage of a market for organic foods or the revolt against genetically modified foods (GMOs). The opportunity for profit or gain is virtually everywhere. New Age Capitalists™ have no desire to cheat anyone out of anything because they are innovative and imaginative; as wells as, being astute investors in income producing assets. In addition, since the owners of New Age corporations are the people themselves, who is left to cheat?

The most lucrative opportunities for New Age Capitalists™ exist whenever and wherever they can take advantage of opportunities in business, industry or government. Therefore, New Age Capitalism™ is deeply rooted in taking advantage of any given set of circumstances and/or situations that embody the seven principles; upon which New Age Capitalism™ is founded. There must be a potential for profit or gain with low downside risk and high upside gain. A potential must exist that is morally and ethically sound that will provide tangible and/or intangible benefits for the New Age Capitalist™ as well as others. This potential can be real or imagined, public or private, governmental or societal, national or international, personal or group, a geographic region or an entire planet

            Unlike Predatory Capitalism that exploits people without mercy for the benefit of a few, with New Age Capitalism™, an opportunity must exist or be created to take advantage circumstances, situations and/or events and not the people that might be responsible for the existence of the circumstance, situation or event. Otherwise, the principles cannot be utilized for profit or gain. Since there are no known limitations as to what a New Age Capitalist™ can take advantage of, the ability of New Age Capitalist™ to develop industries that benefit humanity is only limited by the size of the universe and the imagination of New Age Capitalists™.


What New Age Capitalism™ Is Not


            New Age Capitalism™ is no more or less than George Sistrunk’s May 13, 2015, description of "many paying a little" as a terminology and it is the first economic development and growth concept term that has its origins in the African American community. New Age Capitalism™ is the definition and description that is written on this web page and it is not... nor can it be described as a version of British, European and/or American Capitalism that is generally defined as an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are owned and controlled mostly by private individuals and businesses for profit. Businesses and the means of production have been privately owned for thousands of years and buying and selling for profit have been around equally as long.


Buying and selling for profit is not Capitalism and it is definitely not a  New Age Capitalistic™ concept. What historians, philosophers, politicians, college professors and many in the Black Community are describing and defining as Capitalism is in actuality commerce....and when combined with trade, becomes the means by which entire civilizations are sustained and maintained. Therefore, there is no evidence in the historical record that can or will support the widely accepted notion that Capitalism has been around for thousands of years as the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods and/or services for sale and profit. If this were true why is there no descriptive symbol or linguistic description of Capitalism in ancient writings? {Click here to verify the origins of Capitalism.} What society would condemn buying and selling for profit? The answer....NONE!!!


The 18th Century; during the time of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles, witnessed the creation and implementation of a different wealth creating philosophy and model that is now called Capitalism. The historical record is clear on this point. Western Capitalism is not a governing philosophy or a business model. In fact, Western Capitalism has nothing to do with business, the means of production, the private ownership or collective ownership of industries, banking, trade, commerce, investment banking, economics or politics. Western Capitalism can best be described as a collection of principles that will allow any individual or group of individuals to thrive in any environment from which; and/or in which, profit or gain can be realized.


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