How To Maximize Long Term Gains
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How to Maximize Long-Term Gains for Home Only Investments
There are 7 important keys to maximizing long-term gains for Home Only investments in the secondary housing market.  However, we want you to thoroughly understand these opportunities exist in a very narrow time window of only 1-3 years.  After that, it's over! 

  1. Work with the right people.
  2. Buy the home at the right price.
  3. Buy the right home for your income needs and/or circumstances.
  4. Minimize your cost.
  5. Have a homesite ready and available for placement.
  6. Have qualified customers waiting to buy.
  7. Have lenders waiting to buy your contracts.

By using these 7 keys and following our suggestions and recommendations, you can be assured you will have the additional income you need for your retirement years or long-term financial planning.
Increase Your Earning Potential
Invest in Short Term & Long Term Installment Contracts

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GET STARTED TODAY!!  Prices won't get any better than they are right now!!  Let us show you how to use these 7 keys to unlock profits or long-term income for you.  1-3 years is all you have.
WARNING!! It is now November 2002.  This income opportunity window is extremely narrow.  It will not last for more than 1-3 years.  This is not a second chance opportunity, once this bonanza in manufactured housing is is over!  Even though this website is no longer active for sales and marketing, the information on these web pages is still accurae and reliable if you want to acquire manufactured housing for income purposes!

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