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This is what our customers are saying about our Income Opportunity.
You can join these satisfied secondary housing investors.  Even though many of our clients are native South Carolinians, our acquisition system makes it easy for anyone from anywhere in the world to take advantage of these same income opportunities. 
"Thank you so much for introducing me to secondary housing. I'm earning over $2,000.00 monthly in long-term rental income from 6 single section units on my property. The Advantage Housing Income Opportunity gave me what I wanted the most, freedom to take care of my mother.  Your service is exceptional!" A. Reynolds -- Orangeburg, SC. 

"I am so happy with what you did for me.  When I arrived in Denmark, South Carolina from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, all I had going for myself was 18 acres of raw land, a little money and good credit.  Now I have a mobile village with 33 rented single section units and I average over $9,000.00 a month in long-term rental income. I am so thrilled with your opportunity and manufactured housing. You will always be number one in my book." G. Brown --- Denmark, SC.
"I just invested in my first property, and I already have a tenant living there.  George gave me two options.  I can continue to receive a regular monthly income from the property, or I can sell it for a $4,000.00 profit.  This is the first of several investmets I will make in secondary housing.  Thank you for everything." D.  Harley --- North, SC.

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Secondary Housing Specials

$  2,000.00 - 1984 Guerdon, 14'x70'
$  4,500.00 . 1984 Schult, 14'x70'
$  9,500.00 - 1996 Chandeleur, 16'x80'
$11,300.00 - 1997 Fleetwood, 16'x80'
$13,500.00 - 1999 Redman, 14'x70' 
$13,500.00 - 1999 Southern, 16'x80'
$15,000.00 - 1999 Pioneer, 24'x48'
$17,200.00 - 2000 Champion 24'x48'

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WARNING!! It is now November 2002.  This income opportunity window is extremely narrow.  It will not last for more than 1-3 years.  This is not a second chance opportunity, once this bonanza in manufactured housing is is over!  Even though this website is no longer active for sales and marketing, the information on these web pages is still accurae and reliable if you want to acquire manufactured housing for income purposes!

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