The Collapse Of Manufactured Housing
Section III: Previews & Hightlights - Creative Concepts
Section I: Previews & Hightlights - What Caused the Downturn
Section II: Previews & Highlights - How to Profit from the Downturn
Section III: Previews & Highlights - Creative Concepts
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Section III of "The Next Income Wave" is a supplement that is devoted to helping individual investors visualize the enormous earning potential in the Secondary Housing Market.  The information flow is as follows...
Section III - The Next Income Wave
(Page 10)
How to Profit from the Downturn Supplement
Table of Contents
Topics and Page/s
Beyond Page 83 (83)
  • Industry Statistics (84-99)
  • Loan Amortization (99-112)

Creative Concepts

  • Contract Aquisition (113)
  • Reality Based Payments Maximize Earnings (114)
  • Give a Little to Get a Lot with Incentives (115)
Additional Information in this Supplement:
* Table 1 - Shipment of New Manufactured Homes (3 Pages)
* Table 2 - Dealer Inventory of New Manufactured Homes (8 Pages)
* Table 3 - Average Sales Price of New Manufactured Homes (2 Pages)
* Table 4 - Placement of New Manufactured Homes (2 pages)
*   3-Year Amortization Schedule Showing   14.48% Gain @  9.0%
*   5-Year Amortization Schedule Showing   76.10% Gain @25.0%
*   7-Year Amortization Schedule Showing 112.62% Gain @25.0%
* 20-Year Amortization Schedule Showing 172.67% Gain @12.5%
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Section II - How To Proft From The Downturn
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