The Collapse Of Manufactured Housing
Section I: Previews & Highlights - What Caused the Downturn
Section I: Previews & Hightlights - What Caused the Downturn
Section II: Previews & Highlights - How to Profit from the Downturn
Section III: Previews & Highlights - Creative Concepts
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 Section I, of "The Next Income Wave" , outlines the factors that contributed to the downturn in manufactured housing in South Carolina


This incredible opportunity exist today for private investors because of the poor judgment and mismanagement of others, but it is not get-rich-quick. In fact, the downturn created the Secondary Housing Market.
The real opportunity for significant income enhancement lies in acquiring installment contracts.  That is, "Owner-Financing" for intermediate gains, 3 to 7 years, or long-term gains which can be from 7 years or more. Returns on 3-7 Year Installment Contracts can exceed 70%. 
It is precisely because of secondary housing's future earning potential that makes it ideal as a long-term income producing strategy. In addition to installment contracts, this market also can provide long-term income with "Buy-To-Rent" Acquisitions and "Land and Home" Packages
For investors that need to build cash rapidly,  Short-Term Contracts and "Cash-Out" Acquisitions are uniquely suited for this purpose. Short-term contracts can return as much as 100% in 90 days or less, and "cash-out" acquisitions usually return 40%-45% within a few weeks.
If mistakes of the past are studiously avoided, this gross mismanagement of one of America's most lucrative industries has created an unprecedented financial opportunity for private investors.  Since I am not an industry insider, I had to write this Presentation from my own observations, analysis, personal experiences, prognostication and perspective as a salesman.  
The entire Presentation is colored coded to help you read it quickly and easily.

How to Profit from the Downturn in Manufactured Housing outlined as follows:  Numbers represent the numberes pages in the manual where the information can be found.
Cover Page (1)
Color Codes (2)
  • Black is essentially basic information.
  • Bold black is emphatic or significant information.
  • Red is information that is unfavorable concerning a topic or subject.
  • Dark blue is favorable comments or information.
  • Dark green is favorable and beneficial information for private investors.
  • Medium brown is unsavory practices, actions or information.
Manufactured Housing Fact Sheet (3)
  • Minimum investment required.
  • Double your money in 8 years.
  • Low downside risk and high upside gain.
  • Many homes already have buyers.
  • New and pre-owned units available.
  • Interest earnings from 9%-25%
  • No property maintenance or collections.
  • No attorney or broker fees (except land home).
  • No closing cost (except land home).
  • Short-term gain from 29.2%
  • Long-term gain from 76.18%
  • Units start at $9,500.00 ($15,000.00 ready to occupy).

Disclaimer (4)

Introduction (5)

Section I - The Next Income Wave

(Pages 5-7)

Table of Contents
Pages (5-10)
Topics & Page/s
Cause & Effect: The Aftermath - What Caused the Downturn? (11)
* Poor Customer Service...
* Poor Management Decision...
9 Problems-From a Salesman Perspective (12-14)
* The Draw System...
* Too Many Dealerships/Sales Centers...
9 Manufactured Housing Reality Checks (15-17)
* The industry is in Transition...
* There are Fewer Plants & Manufacturers...
6 Reasons - Why Industry Analysts Blew It! (18-20)
* Failed to Consider the Human Element...
* Failed to Look Behind the Numbers...
20 Reasons - Where Lenders Went Wrong (21-29)
* Funding Loans without Proper Oversight...
* Failure to Maintain Adequate Customer Contact...
* Inadequate Customer Profiling and Underwriting Procedures...
4 Reasons - Where Manufacturers Went Wrong (30-34)
* Failed to Limit the Number of Dealerships/Sales Centers...
7 Reasons - Where Owners Went Wrong (34-36)        
* Failed to Eliminate the Draw...
* Motivated by Greed Rather Than Profits...
26 Reasons - Where General Managers Went Wrong (37, 40-41)
* Became Willing Participants in Defrauding Banks & Customers...
* Knowingly Falsified Records and Documents...
16 Reasons - Where Sales People Went Wrong (37, 41)            
* Abandoned Morals, Values and Personal Ethics...
* Knowingly Misled Customers...
Reviewing the Aftermath (39-41)

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