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You Need A Solid &
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We have been with GDI for over 4 years. Like the vast majority of people on planet earth, we can always use more money, but we are very happy with the success we have had with GDI.
Payment at GDI is fairly easy. If your monthly earnings equal or exceed $10.00, your check will generally arrive, just before, on or shortly after the 15th of each month. This has been our personal experience for over 4 years.  To date, we have not missed a check and our checks arrive on time.  
Many online and offline marketers and entrepreneurs do not fully realize the awesomeness of the GDI opportunity.  The Internet is the largest single market in the world and GDI is positioned to become the best Internet , if not the best online income opportunity in the world today.  A $1.00 commission does not seem like much; however, dollars add up to pay your bills or become considerable part time or full time income.
GDI is the perfect non-intrusive and non-interfering companion or supplemental income opportunity on planet earth for any existing networking organization. Many people have looked at GDI and then go chasing after an Internet junk program or a fly-by-night get-rich-quick scheme. It happens everyday.   Many walk by real opportunities, only to end up with cheap imitations.
GDI is not for everybody. However, if you join us and want to succeed offline with the GDI opportunity, here are some tips that are working for us and the people in our GDI organization. They will help you too, if you follow them.

1. Work closely with your upline, that would be us. Utilize our knowledge and experience.

2. Use the resources GDI provides, i.e. business cards, DVDs, promo letters, forums, downline services and contact services, etc.

3. If your goal is part time income, target your efforts at local small business owners and members of local churches, temples, Masjids, Mosques, associations, organizations, sororities, fraternities or clubs. You also want to contact professionals (doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc.). Many businesses, professionals, churches, clubs, associations and/or non-profit organizations want or need a website.  Show them the advantages of using or switching to GDI from dot coms that are not paying any money. 

4. Don't overlook family members, relatives, friends, past and present acquaintances, classmates and associates, neighbors, teachers or educators and students at local or nearby colleges, universities or technical schools, people that want or need websites or anyone that needs part time income. GDI is also an excellent part time income source for local, state and/or federal employees.
5. GDI is not only the ideal companion or supplemental income program, because GDI is a non-intrusive and non-interfering income earner, it is also the perfect fund raiser for PTOs, PTAs, churches, clubs and all kinds of public and private non-profit organizations. 
6. If you are going to utilize the web to build your organization, you are going to need a decent advertising budget, invest personal and/or group time and/or build your own personal list. Understand, there are other GDI affiliates; as well as, other opportunity marketers using the same ad venues, keywords, sources and resources you are using. 
   Even though we maintain an online presence as evidenced by this web page, we prefer building offline where there is considerably less competition. In your town or city, you may be the only person there with the GDI opportunity, consequently, you will have exceptional sales, marketing and growth potential. Don't be afraid to show your DVD, use your ability to speak or communicate and start sharing information about an exciting income opportunity.
7. If your goal is a website, GDI sites are picked up by search engines around the world.  For over 4 years, our websites have been averaging 20,000 hits a month. By the end of March 2009, we had surpassed 1,000,000 hits. 

This Is What Can You Do...
If You Really Need More Money
Since you already know how we are succeeding offline with GDI, since the vast majority of online income programs are failure prone and many are illegal money schemes, why not join and work with GDI (Global Domains International, Inc.)? GDI meets or exceeds all the requirements for a success oriented business venture. GDI has a proven track record of success and proven tools that will help you succeed?  Remember: The Internet is still growing...and as stated previously, this growth does not include all the dot com domains that aren't earning any money either.  
Just $10.00 monthly USD in can generate $22,000.00 monthly USD out with very little real physical or mental effort. Naturally, you must contact others who are interested in genuine online income like you or individuals, businesses and organizations that want or need websites. Realize the Internet itself is the largest single market in the world and it is going to be here a long, long time. You don't have to worry about market burnout.
So why not join us?  Get enthusiastic and get excited. If what you have is beneficial, good, solid, reliable and has genuine value, why would you hesitate sharing it with someone else? 
Even though GDI is not the only income opportunity in the world, why not think about getting your share of this multi-billion dollar market?  Or...At least hedging your bets by adding this to whatever you are doing now? This makes good business sense doesn't it?  Why not give GDI a try? You can always quit if it doesn't work for you like it is working for us.
To join us or learn more about GDI, click here.
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