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Recruiting IRs & Market Development
You Must Know The Difference Between Sponsoring And Recruiting
The first thing you need to know, in order to recruit more effectively, is the difference between sponsoring and recruiting.  You also need to realize that effective sponsoring or recruiting has nothing to do with the actual mechanics of sponsoring or recruiting.  An entirely different process is at work, online or offline. 
Effective sponsoring is no more or less than successfully connecting with people emotionally and intellectually, and in some cases spiritually. 
The primary reason so many people have difficulty sponsoring others is they confuse sponsoring with recruiting, or use the terms interchangeably. 
Sponsoring is not recruiting and recruiting is not sponsoring, yet, so many well meaning people fail to comprehend the differences between these two activities. 
In order to completely understand why so many people fail at this critical aspect of their business, you really must know the difference between sponsor, sponsoring, recruit and recruiting.
Recruit:  A recruit (other than a newly enlisted man or woman in the military) is any new disciple or follower of a cause or organization.  In sales and marketing, a new independent representative or distributor.
Recruiting:  Recruiting is the active process of finding followers or disciples for a cause or organization.  In sales and marketing, representatives or distributors for a commercial enterprise.  
Sponsor:  A Sponsor is anyone that literally accepts responsibility for another.  This includes, but is not limited to, his/her debts, statements, obligations, actions, and activities.
Sponsoring:  Sponsoring is the active process of finding people that will be responsible or accept reponsibility for others.
Accepting the responsibility for another human being is a solemn obligation that should not be taken lightly.  Recruiting is basically just finding people.  The  language of networkers that are trying to build an organization by recruiting  is:  "You get 5, and they get 5, and so on down the line."  The language of a sponsor is entirely different.  When a sponsor speaks, it is always what we are going to do and what we are going to accomplish.  We are going to work together.  "My income is dependent on how well I fulfill my obligation to you."
Therefore, if you were sponsoring, your role and function are to not only help the person you sponsor increase his/her income, you must also teach that person how to accept responsibility for someone else.  Hence, you would teach Bill how to sponsor or accept responsibility for Sally; so Sally can teach Angel how to sponsor or accept responsibility for Henry.  What happened to so many MLM companies over the past few years is this:  Thousands of people involved in these business organizations stopped sponsoring and started recruiting.
When you joined RiverOffers and became an IR, your role and function is to market your products and services by offering them to the business community and the general public.  If you decide to build an organization, then your role and function is to recruit, not sponsor.  Once an individual has been recruited, your primary role and function is over.  All the support the individual will.., or will not receive.. will come from RiverOffers or the Dish Network and not from you. 
As their recruiter, your secondary role and function is to provide leadership and supplemental support just like we are doing for you.  As an IMG.Ws Associate, you already have access to a supplemental support system you can give to your new distributors.  Give them the link to this website and the Information Warehouse.  By doing so, your new distributors will access to the same support system, thus effectively duplicating your efforts. 
If you would like to see more information on sponsoring and recruiting, click on any satellite icon, or a topic in this paragraph, and go to the Warehouse.  Sponsoring and recruiting is located in the information bins entitled: Your Effective Sales, Sponsoring Or Recruiting Market and in Integrated Economics & Wealth Building. You can go there now if you like, and return here.  If not, let's continue.
How To Recruit More Effectively 
The second thing you need to do, in order to recruit more effectively, is improve your one-on-one people skills if you are not a good communicator.  
However, If you have been a smuck, deadbeat, jerk, nerdy, argumentative, loner,  self centered, braggard, boastful, dope fiend, drug addict, criminal, cheat, liar or a get-over artist, you are going to have a rough time.
If you have or has been a prostitute, child molester, or has any one of a host of other undesireable character traits, that include dysfunctional thinking, your chances of recruiting someone in person is next to none. 
Well, you can always move to another town or city and start over.  If you are not interested in moving, then, this is what it will take for you to become more effective:  You must first make major improvements and changes in your life, lifestyle, attitudes, concepts, and precepts if you want to work and build offline
As an online recruiter, you can become very successful, because no one will ever have to meet you, see you, or know you.  Your overall effectiveness will be determined by the extent and potentcy of your advertising, support, contact level and how well you organize yourself and business activities.  Your problems are offline, not online
If you do not have excessive character flaws and want to work online, the same techniques or methods that work for smucks, nerds or jerks will work for you.  However, unlike those with serious character issues, you can recruit even more effectively offline.  This is what it will take: 
First:  If you don't have these skills already, you will also need to dramatically improve your communication skills, one-on-one people skills, and develop your ability to persuade others.  The best persuasion technique to learn and use is Questioning Down.  Questioning Down is a sales method that involves using a series of 6 or 7 carefully crafted Closed-ended Questions, to which, the answer is always Yes
What you are essentially doing is Questioning Down to the Closing Question.  A No answer, or negative response to any one of the questions in the series would indicate the person answering the questions is either a dysfunctional thinker, an idiot, or an absolute fool.  For example:
Is having a safe home important to you?
Is breathing clean fresh air better than breathing dirty, stale air?
Is drinking fresh water, better than drinking polluted water?
Is new cloth, better than dry rotting cloth?
Are your wife and children important to you?
If I saw gas leaking from your car, would you want me to tell you?
If I saw a person trying to burn down your house, would you want me to stop them or call the police?
If I saw you sinking in quicksand, would you want me to pull you out?
If I knew the bridge was out, would you want me tell you?
Would you like to earn $1,000.00 a week?
Is having more money important to you?
Do you want your children to have a better education?
Do you want better health care for you and your family?
Would you like to retire in comfort?
Would you like to pay off all your bills?
Would you like to be rich, successful and happy?
After 6 or 7 yes answers in a row, 95% of the time, the answer to the final Closing Question is also Yes.  This technique works for anyone that does not have serious character flaws.  It is extremely effective in "Warm Markets", "Referral Markets", and with family members.  As a RiverOffers IR, your final Closing Question is always:
When you use the Questioning Down method with your family members, the final Closing Question always relates to what you want your family member to do.  For instance:
  • Then, why not clean up your room? 
  • Why not mow the lawn? 
  • Why not get an education? 
  • Why not improve your grades? 
  • Why not go to Church? 
  • Why not clean your clothes? 
  • Why not take me out to dinner? etc.  Then shut up!!
Second:  Develop an offline advertising campaign.  Advertising venues you can use have already been covered in:   How to Grow Your Home Or Internet Based Business Rapidly.  Click on a satellite icon, or the topic in this paragraph and go there now, if you like.  If not, Remember This:  When advertising for new distributors, always use the "Sales" subheading under "Help Wanted" or "Sales People Wanted"Never use Distributors Wanted
The reason:  The average individual has no concept of what a distributor is.  Those that do, confuse being a distributor with owning a distributorship; such as a beer, coke or pepsi distributorship.  Most also confuse it with owning a dealership; such as, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, etc..  This confusion will limit your responses, or invite the curious; rather than the serious.
You can also use "Classified Ads".   When you go to the Warehouse, go to the information bin entitled:  Writing Effective Classified Ads.  In there are examples of ads that really work.  Simply, adapt them for your needs.  When using "Classified Ads" or "Help Wanted Ads", always include a toll free number to a mailbox answering service....or....a toll free number to you.  You will triple your response rate by making it easier for people to contact you.
Online, the same advertising methods that will help the "Good, Bad and the Ugly" recruit more effectively will also work for you.  Further, because of visual imagery and direct personal interaction, working offline depends on a lot of different factors. 
It's hard to believe, but there are some people that simply will not like you.  There are people that you will not like.  Physically attractive people will always have a visual advantage over those that aren't.  Tall people will have an advantage over short people. 
Thin people will have an advantage over fat people.  People with no physical handicaps will have an advantage over those that have them.  However, whatever you lack physically, compensate with your other attributes, talents and abilities.  Believe it or not, you can even become more effective and successful than your physically advantaged counterparts. 
Remember:  There is additional information in the Warehouse located in the information bins entitled:  Integrated Economics & Wealth Building and Your Effective Sales, Sponsoring Or Recruiting Market.
Developing Your Telecommunications Market
Effective Market development will always involve plans, strategies, persuasion techniques and using The Law of Large NumbersMarketing is normally defined as the method by which products and/or services get from sellers to buyers.  This method includes advertising, promotion, distribution, staging, shipping, storage, and selling. 
IMG.Ws defines Marketing as the active process of selling you, your value systems and your products or services to the general public that includes advertising and promotion
The word Market could mean different things to different people.  We want you to have a clear understanding of what IMG.Ws means when we discuss Markets and Marketing.  Understanding this process will help you become much more effective as an IR. 
Let's examine some definitions. 
First:  A Market can be a place where merchandise is displayed for sale; specifically an open space or a large building in a town or city, generally with stalls or designated positions occupied by different dealers; such as, a Farmer's Market or a Flea Market. 
Second:  A Market can be a private store for the sale of provisions or specific goods; such as, a Meat Market, Produce Market, Open-air Market, or a Furniture Market. 
Third:  A Market can also be described as the state of trade of investment instruments or commodities as determined by prices, supply, demand, or traffic; such as, the Stock Market, Bond Market, or Futures Market.
Fourth:  A Market can be a locality or country where anything can be bought or sold, or a place where any commodity is in demand; such as, the European Markets, South American Markets, or Midwesten Markets.
Fifth:  A Market can also be a gathering of people that are buying and selling a particular commodity; such as, the Wheat Market, Gold Market, or Silver Market.
Finally:  A Market can be the value of a thing as determined by the price it will bring or its worth; such as, the Used Car Market, Housing Market, or Diamond Market.
As an IMG.Ws Associate and an IR, whenever we refer to a Market, we are referring to people.  The wants, needs, or desires of people are our concern...and yours.... as they relate to our products, services an opportunity. 
IMG.Ws defines a Market as a meeting place for people to engage in the art or practice of buying and selling. This meeting place can be anywhere.
Since Marketing is the active process of selling yourself, value systems and products or services to the general public, you are already engaged in Marketing whether you know it or not.  Currently, you are actively Marketing yourself, your thoughts, concepts, precepts, folkways and value systems to others. 
Everyday you are also buying thoughts, concepts, value systems, products or services from others.  In order to earn income from your current marketing activities, you need a product or service (which you already have) and a formal approach.
It is unfortunate; but, the vast majority of people have the mistaken belief that Marketing strategies and techniques are only reserved for entertainment, professional sports, major corporations, political parties and the sale of manufactured products. 
Sales and Marketing is a total actuality.  Television, motion pictures, radio, newspapers, magazines, and all other forms of print and audio visual media, are contantly selling you the thoughts, ideas, concepts, and precepts of others. 
Market Development is the active process of finding buyers or customers for your ideas, concepts, value systems, belief systems, precepts, folkways, information, product/s, or service/s. 
This process is highly focused and organized.  Market Development uses advertising and promotion as its primary and secondary cultivating tools or methods.   As an IMG.Ws Associate and an IR, you are going to use these same tools and methods; plus, word-of-mouth to inform the general public about your income opportunity, products and/or services. 
The Enterprize Zone Concept And Market Development
Your Effective Market is the number of people in an Enterprise Zone that will be recruited, take advantage of a service or buy a product from you.  Whether you are selling your services, products or recruiting, these customers or IRs are yours. 
Even though these are your designated customers or new IRs, you must go through the process in order to get them.
Your Potential Sales or Recruiting Market is formed by dividing the number of households in an Enterprise Zone by the number of vendors selling a similar product or service, or the number of people actively engaged in sponsoring or recruiting.  These people; either individually or collectively organized as businesses are your competitors. 
On the Internet, your Enterprise Zone is any region on the planet, where large numbers of people have access to the Internet.  We developed the Enterprise Zone concept to sell life insurance products during the middle 80s. This concept is now being utilized to market our services, sell merchandise or recruit.  You can use this same method. 
An Enterprise Zone is the actual number of households in any given locality or region, not businesses.  Business owners and managers must physically reside somewhere. 
Regardless of the number of people in your town or city, divide by 3 to determine the average number of households.  A household is a physical location where people actually reside.  This can be any habitable dwelling; including RV campsites, apartments, manufactured housing, or site-built homes.
Many statistical analyst describes a traditional household as consisting of at least 2 adults and 2 children.  At IMG.Ws, we use 2 adults and 1 child.  By using 3 instead of 4, we automatically compensate for single parent homes.  In this example, the census population is 50,000 people.  We divide this number by 3, which =s approximately 16,667 households.
If you are the only person in this Enterprise Zone selling telecommunications services, that's 16,667 potential sales.  If there are 19 other people in this locality involved in similar business activities, divide 16,667 by 20 (you are the 20th person).  In this example that's 16,667 divided by 20, which =s 833 households.  Therefore, your potential sales market is 833 households.  Unfortunately, this is not your Actual Sales Market or your Effective Sales Market.  In order to determine your Effective Sales Market, you need to understand The Law of Large Numbers.
Whenever a sufficiently large number of people exist in a market environment, you will have a 50% chance of persuading someone to do something you want him/her to do. 
It doesn't matter whether you are trying to persuade them to use your service or take advantage of your opportunity.  This percentage is one of the Postulates that is used when applying the Law of Large Numbers.
A Postulate is no more or less than a basic principle or fundamental element used as the basis of an argument.  Many times Postulates are self-evident, even though there is no scientific way to prove or disprove what is being proposed is... not true. 
In Sales and Marketing, Postulates are used to measure your performance, or to determine your Actual or Effective Sales Market when applying The Law of Large Numbers.  Postulates rarely change.  Therefore, you must always use them when you are projecting your probable sales or recruiting market share, or you will unintentionally mislead yourself. 
The other sales people or independent represenatives operating in your Enterprise Zone have the same opportunity to sell their service and sponsor or recruit like you.  Their chances of persuading someone to do something they want him/her to do are the same as yours.  Therefore, take 833 households and multiply by .50 or divide by 2.  833 divided by 2 =s 417 households.  This is your Actual Sales Market
An Actual Sales Market is the number of potential customers that can buy a product or service based on the persuasive skills of the seller.  This Market is all yours.  The other vendors also have an Actual Sales Market of 417 potential customers. The following are sales Postulates that are extremely accurate if you are offering telecommunication services in a stable economic environment.  In a cross section of 100 people in the adult age population in an Actual Sales Market....
1.  Approximately 10% of the adult age market inhabitants (18 years or older) will not buy a product or use a service sold by an individual.  These people prefer buying from an established commercial outlet, store, or shop.  This same percentage also will not take advantage of any income opportunity.  When it comes to recruiting, your Potential Market always starts at 90% of the adult age population.
2.  Approximately 20% will buy anything and everything that will improve their condition, health, or lifestyle.  This same percentage is true for recruiting.
3.  Approximately 40% will only buy a product or use a service, if they can be shown how using it will benefit them.  You can expect the same percentage for  recruiting.
4.  Approximately 10% will have conditions or lack the financial means to take advantage of an offer at the time the product or service is presented to them.  This is not true for recruiting new distributors because there is no initial investment to become a VMC Satellite Distributor.
5.  Approximately 10% are not capable of making a buying decision because of  a variety of reasons, i.e., unemployed, too much debt, bad credit, no discretionary income, they are invalids, in prison, institutionalized, incapacitated, etc..  This percentage does not hold true for recruiting IRs. 
6.  Approximately 10% will only buy a product or use a service from an individual after it has been around for awhile or they see others using it.  This is another variable when you are recruiting for an income opportunity that can actually increase your percentages.
When it comes to the sale of a product or service, your Effective Market Percentage is 60% of your Actual Sales Market.  This is the 20% that will buy anything and everything that will improve their condition, health, or lifestyle, and the 40% that will buy a product or use a service that will benefit them.  To determine your Effective Sales Market, multiply 417 X .60 which =s 250. 
Therefore; out of 16,667 households, your Effective Sales Market is 250 sales.  In this Enterprise Zone, 250 customers are yours, if you go out and get them.  What you don't know is who these customers are, where they live, when they can be seen, or how to contact them.  When it comes to getting your customers, your IRs, and your money in an Enterprise Zone, you have 4 objectives:
  1. Get all the customers and IRs that are yours.
  2. Get as many customers and IRs as you can from the other guy's market.
  3. Always work on improving your percentages.  An additional 1% of a Market can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.
  4. Periodically, go back to the remaining 40% in your zone because time and circumstances can change a person's attitude, concepts, folkways, precepts, ideology, etc..
When it comes to recruiting, your Effective Market Percentage can be much higher because of variables that exist in an Enterprise Zone.  In addition, there are other factors and parameters involved in recruiting that do not apply to the sale of products or services.    
Too much debt might prevent an individual from taking advantage of the satellite tv subscription service; could be the very reason why this same individual will take advantage of your income opportunity.  The same is true for unemployment, bad credit, no discretionary income or low income. 
Finding people with sufficient discretionary income might be great for selling our service, but, it could be the very reason why individuals with higher incomes will pass on our income opportunity.  The only variables that apply to both sales and recruiting are mental incompetence, physical incapacitation, institutionalization and imprisonment.
This is a reality concept you absolutely must understand:  Whenever you decide to be or become something, the forces of nature automatically move everything associated with your decision into place for you.  However, you must go out and get what Natural Law has already provided.  How does this relate to you?
The minute you became an IR, your share of the telecommunications market was automatically set aside and established for you.  In your village, town or city, and in America in general, there are people that are destined to be your customers because you were added to the mix. 
However, nature is not going to give them to you while you sit around and do nothing.  The minute you decide to take action to get your customers, your distributors, and your money, the forces of nature will move people, resources and information into position to help you.  If you fail to act, then what is rightfully yours will invariably end up benefitting someone else. 
There is more information concerning The Law of Large Numbers, Universal Laws and Principles, and Enterprise Zones  in the Warehouse.  Click on a bin title and go there now if you like; otherwise, lets continue.
Other Strategic Concepts For Market Development
When formulating a strategy or plans to develop your Enterprise Zone and get the money that is rightfully yours, broaden your conceptualizations to include the entire United States of America.  
Since our services are limited to this country, the rest of the planet is automatically excluded from consideration.  Begin by looking at your neighborhood, your village, town or city.
Then expand your vision to include the State, the Region and finally the entire Country.  Every State is subdivided by some means or form; such as, counties, parishes, etc..
These subdivisions have communities, towns or cities within them.  Together, these counties and communities within counties make up the entire state and its geographical boundaries.  Within these boundaries are your customers, IRs and your money. 
The question now becomes, are you going to get your money, or...are you going to let someone else have it? 
You should really consider having a IR in each county or parish.  Save your community, town or city for youself.  Remember:  You not only earn money from your sales, you also earn income from sales made by your distributors.
Intelligently examine the earning potential of your state and region.  For example:  South Carolina has approximately 3.5 million inhabitants.  We divide by 3.  That's approximately 1 million households give or take a few.  There are approximately 300 satellite distributors in this state.  IMG.Ws is included in the mix.  1 million divided by 300 =s a Potential Sales Market for our distributorship of 3,888 households.
We multiply this times 50%, which =s an Actual Sales Market of 1,944 households x 60%, which =s an Effective Sales Market of 1,167 households x $50.00.  This means, the least we can earn in South Carolina is approximately $58,334.00; which is not bad for part time work and minimal physical effort.  If people quit the business, our earning potential increases, if more distributors move in, it goes down.
Once we achieved 1,167 sales, our share of the market was completed and these households are removed.  Now, we recalculate the market potential minus all our customers.  The remaining customers in South Carolina belong to all the other satellite distributors.  Our objective now becomes to get as many customers as we can from their market. 
This market potential exist, because many distributors, will not actively pursue what is rightfully theirs.   Most will sit around and do nothing, while others will put forth a token effort.  This allows us to aggressively pursue these customers because of their inaction.  This is how what is rightfully yours, ends up benefitting someone else.  Now do you see why it is vitally important that you get your customers and your money?
There is something else to consider.  If 50 of the 300 distributors in South Carolina, were our first line distributors, we would earn 50 x 1,167 households; which equals 58,350 households x $15.00.  This means our first line earnings would be approximately $875,250.00.  Remember:  Every distributor has an equal share and equal access to the satellite market if they pursue what is rightfully theirs.
Now, if another 50 out of this 300 were on our second level, that's 58,350 households x $10.00.  This means our second level earnings would be approximately $583,500.00.  Now, our objective also includes having more distributors than anyone else and helping them pursue what is rightfully ours.  We included these examples to illustrate the importance of growing your business and acquiring new distributors.  Reserve your rightful share of the satellite market in your state, then find others and share the wealth.
When formulating your Strategic Market Development Plan, consider managers of Convenient Stores, Apartment Managers, Landlords, Beauticians, Barbers, Grocery Store Managers, Members of Deacon Boards and Staff Members at Schools, Colleges, or Universities.  These are just some of the professions and occupations that exist within your state that would be interested in the Cognigen opportunity. 
This does not include the unemployed, the under paid, the over worked, or the working poor.  You have a great opportunity and a means to share your wealth with others.   Do you really want your people to become distributors for someone else because you sat back and did nothing or very little?
Thank you for being an IMG.Ws Associate and a Cognigen Independent Representative (IR).  If there is a topic or subject you would like IMG.Ws to investigate, discuss or if there is a particular aspect of your business you need help with, please mail a postcard or letter with your concerns to:
Independent Marketing Group.Ws
POB 217
Orangeburg, SC 29116

Important Notice:
This website (and the web pages it contains) is written specifically for RiverOffers Independent Representatives and not intended for public use or display.  If you have arrived here by any means, other than being invited by someone in our downline, you are welcome to stay.  Even though the information at this site is not meant for you, you might find it useful.  You might even be interested in one or both of our offers below.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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