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Note: As of 2005, this site is no longer active for sales and marketing.  However, the information written on these web pages is still an accurate and reliable guideline to acquire manufactured housing in the United States. 


Why do Business with Advantage Housing?  Why take advantage of our income opportunity?  These are good questions to ask youself. 
The answer is simple:  We give you the edge you need to maximize short-term, intermediate and long-term gains in the secondary housing market.
Our goal is to work with a small number of investors who are interested in above average gains at below average risks.  This could be you, your organization, investment club or firm, association, family or an angel investor.
Our service was primarily developed to give out-of-state investors the following advantages...
1.  We have the experience, contacts, the physical and human resources.
2. We have unlimited access to the units upon which Short-Term Contracts, "Cash-Out" Acquisitons, 3-7 Year Installment Contracts, "Buy-To-Rent" and Land Home Packages are based.
3.  We have access to approved buyers and lenders that are ready and willing to complete the investor-buyer-lender process in 90 days or less.
4.  We are the only service organization in the industry that has an entire family of web sites designed specifically to help you increase your knowledge and understanding. We want you to make informed and intelligent decisions.
5.  We are also the only service organization in the industry that has the Presentation: "How to Profit from the Downturn in Manufactured Housing"The basic guide is available free online.
6.  We are committed to the success of all our investors, whether you are in state or out-of-state. Our objective is to develop and maintain a long-term and profitable business relationship. 
7.  Finally, we earn our money by successfully completing transactions for you.  Therefore, the more money you earn, the more money we earn.  If we could own it all, we would.  Since we can not, you are invited to share the wealth with us.  However, these deals exist in a limited opportunity window of 3 years or less.  It is now November 2002, there are no second chances in this market.  When it's's over.
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Contact Information
You can no longer contact us because Advantage Housing is now defunct.  However, the information on this website is still valid. You can still email us for information by using this link. 
Advantage Housing . 1580 Five Chop Rd . Orangeburg SC 29116
Ph: (803) 516-0999          Fx: (803) 516-0083
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