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The Permanent Network
The Permanent Network
(Why Joining The Permanent Network Is The Best Possible Option)

When governments, corporations, small businesses and/or institutions can no longer provide adequate or stable employment or income for you and your family, it is up to us; working together, individually and collectively, to do something to help ourselves, our families and others.

So Why Not Start Doing Something Today?

First:  Do Some Serious Thinking!

If you are not a talented and gifted singer, dancer, actor, athlete, entertainer, inventor or genius or born into financial wealth, consider all your alternatives in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. No job or career is safe in this economy. Think about this for a minute.  What can you really do and what skills or knowledge do you really have, right now, today, that will help you and everyone you know substantially increase income or cash flow during unstable economic times?

The Honest Answer:

Beyond what you are doing right now to earn an income, you really don't have very many options and alternatives to earn more money. Why?  Investment income for the vast majority is still unreliable and volatile and your employment and career choices are dependent on many factors that you have little or no control over.

Second:  Examine Your Options & Alternatives!

Considering the reality of your current cash flow situation, what are your available options and alternatives for short term and long term income needs?  Many will try getting a better career or job, more education, acquirng more skill or knowledge or searching the Internet for "Easy Money", "Fast Money" or "Get-Rich-Quick" income programs. 

Despite the fact that "Fast Money", "Easy Money" and "Get-Rich-Quick" income programs require huge sums of money to market effectively and have never worked and never will work for the vast majority, millions blindly pursue them on a reqular basis.  And....even though acquiring more knowledge and skill is a noble quest for any intelligent person, acquiring more knowledge and skill via the traditional educational process will not be enough for the following reasons...

1.  There is no guarantee your income will substantially increase and you must still compete with others with similar knowledge and skill for available job openings.  Even the talented and gifted must also compete with others with the same talents and gifts for available positions. 

2.  Without personal or family wealth, status or position, someone must still hire you and pay you. Consequently, in a shrinking economy, your income outlook is still grim, slim and dim.  A shrinking economy is also the reason why trying to find a second or third job is not included as a viable option or alternative.  This option only exists for an extemely small number of people.

3.  If you live in America and you are not financially able to pay for your education or receive an educational grant, you might have to rely on a government sponsored loan.  If you are not hired shortly after graduating, chances are excellent you will end up deeper in debt and with bad credit.

4.  Finally; if you are an American citizen and cannot or do not repay your government sponsored loan in a timely manner or within a reasonable period of time, this might even prevent you from being considered or hired for the very job or position that you went to college or a technical school to obtain.  Therefore....

The Best Option Is:  Join The Permanent Network!

Your best alternative is to acquire more knowledge and skill... and take advantage of the best option... The Permanent Network.  Do this for the following reasons...

1.  The Permanent Network will help you develop additional income by showing you how to reallocate existing financial resources so that you can earn income from money you are already spending.

2.  The Permanent Network can also inform you about individuals and/or companies that have reliable products, programs, services and/or information that can help you save more money. Since money saved Is money earned, this aspect of The Permanent Network  enables you to increase income by spending less or by obtaining greater value for the money you are currently spending.

3.  The Permanent Network has viable alternatives that will help you maintain good health.  Earning more money and saving more money has little or no advantage if your health is poor or deteriorates and all the additional money saved and/or earned has to be spent on hospital, doctor and/or medical bills.

4.  The Permanent Network has a workable system that can send members money during times of short term financial need.  We know from experience there are times in your life when you need cash money and need it right away.  In The Permanent Network, if you need money for an emergency, we have a system that can and will send it to you.  


5.  In addition, The Permanent Network will introduce you to companies, firms, programs and/or individuals that have viable income opportunities, thus, allowing you to select from a variety of options that best fits you and your situation the way it is right now. 

6.  Joing The Permanent Network will give you maximum flexibility, maximum earning potential and maximum capacity to expand anywhere in the world.  You will also have ongoing support for personal growth and development.  If you do not have the knowledge or the skill, The Permanent Network will teach you and show you how to build a viable organization.

7.  Being in The Permanent Network will lead to long lasting business, personal and professional relationships that you can pass on to your children or family and they can pass it on to their children or family.  This ongoing process can continue as long as the world and it's financial systems exist.

8.  Even though acquiring more knowledge and skill by the traditional educational route might not enhance or improve your employment possibilities, this process can bring you into contact with more people that need the same financial advantages you will have as a member of The Permanent Network.   In other words, you can  expand your organization by helping more people.  

9.  This additional advantage of being in The Permanent Network before, during and after you have invested your time and resources to acquire more knowledge and skill via the traditional educational process; can actually help you earn the income you need to pay off the government sponsored loan, improve your credit rating and remove obstacles that might be impacting your traditional employment opportunities. 

Think About This:

If You Needed $2,000 Or $3,000 To Help You Through A Short Term Financial Crisis Who Can You Go To, Right Now, For Assistance?

You might find yourself with a short list; and like many people, no list. The Permanent Network specifically included this support system in order to help active members stay the course so that viable organizations can be developed. Over the years, many good people were forced to abandon their home business... and return to the proverbial "Rat Race"... because they did not have enough money to overcome a short term financial crisis.
Therefore, a system had to be implemented to help members through difficult short term financial situations; especially when growth is slow and income drops.  Over an extended period of time, as you earn more money, save more money and invest wisely, you will place yourself in a better financial position to help yourself and help others.
Is This Kind Of Monetary Support System Possible?
Yes.. but only with a large, organized, dedicated and sincere group of people.  If you qualify for financial support by being active and have a valid financial emergency, monetary assistance will be provided from group members. 
When you need money, you need the money!  This is why is was necessary to organize a large group of people that understand and realize the need to earn more money, save more money and invest wisely; so that members will have enough discretionary income to help any group member through a short term financial crisis.  To join The Permanent Network is ABSOLUTELY FREE.
Due to the nature of our group, the monetary assistance we provide during finacial emergencies and the personal support systems we utilize to build stable short term and long term income for our group members, we cannot accept online applications.  For the short term, we must also limit network members to U.S. residents only. Since The Permanent Network can be adapted to any financial or governmental system; in time, we will expand to other industrialized nations or stable economic sysem.
Therefore, if you wish to join The Permanent Network, send or give the person that directed you to this website...
1.  Your Documented Legal Name (Your documented legal is your name as it is written on your driver's license, social security card, credit card or important papers, etc. In the event you need monetary assistance, we cannot send money to anyone that cannot verify his/her identity.)
2.  Your Valid Physical Address (Your valid physical address is were you actually reside. This includes your street address and/or apartment number.  In the event you need monetary assistance, we cannot risk sending money to a phony street or apartment address.)
3.  Your Valid Email Address (To keep overhead cost low, support information, contact information and all questions are answered by email.  Personal telephone contact and consultations are available upon request.)
4.  Your Telephone Or Cell Phone Number (the Permanent Network builds long term personal, business and professional relationships the old fashioned way by staying in contact, working together and helping each other to achieve common goals, purposes and/or objectives. In addition, if requested or needed, we can provide ongoing personal help and assistance; or support until our help is no longer needed.) 
If No One Directed You To This Website,
Mail Your Contact Information To:
The Permanent Network . POB 217 . Orangeburg, SC 29115
Disclaimer For USA Residents
Your contact information is confidential and will not be shared outside The Permanent Network with any person or entity without your permission. Even though joining The Permanent Network is ABSOLUTELY FREE, income opportunities, programs and/or services are subject to the requirements of the companies, firms, corporations and/or programs. Financial assistance is based on the size of the network, the number of requests and the dollar amount needed. The maximum amount any household can receive from the network is $5,000.00.  As with all support systems of this type, what you can receive is based on your activity and performance.
Consult with the IRS Tax Codes, a Certified Public Accountant or a competent tax attorney for any taxes that might be due on received funds.  You can also search the Internet to learn more about the tax advantages of a home based business.  Having a home based business is a fast, easy and uncomplicated method to add more money to your bottom line every year.
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