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Attention Webmasters and Affiliate Marketers!  Earn Major League Income by helping us give away FREE Satellite Tv Systems!  You don't have to spend the rest of your life jumping from program to program or working a hundred different online opportunities to earn serious money in America. 
If you follow our RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY sales and marketing method, you can earn excellent monthly income.  Some affiliates earn over $100,000 per year. You earn 110.00 whenever a FREE Satellite Dish System from Dish Network is installed! (Plus you can earn overrides on sub affiliates two levels deep!) VMC has already paid out over $4 Million to affiliates.

VMC Paid A Top Affiliate $169,300.00 In One Month!  Now.... How Much Money Do You Want To Earn A Month?

Unlike 95% of online income opportunities, you don't have to spend every waking hour figuring out how to make a buck. There are families in your town, city or community right now, just waiting for you to give them a FREE Satellite Tv System. 

The Right People Only
Sales And Marketing Method
There are a lot of reasons why people fail in home businesses and in Internet sales, marketing and recruiting. The primary reason has nothing to do with training, support systems, products, services or the market environment. Over 95% of all the people involved in home businesses fail because they spend most of their time, money and effort chasing the WRONG PEOPLE.
Our RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY sales and marketing method pre-qualifies people for you. However, you will still need enough personal courage to hand these people an inexpensive flyer. If you have the heart and soul to do this, you can earn money.
This opportunity is not for the timid, lazy, cowardly, faint hearted, egocentric, status conscious, self-conscious, undisciplined, those wanting great rewards for little or no effort, the fearful or anyone who is comfortable hiding out on the Internet.  These people are the WRONG PEOPLE for any income opportunity beyond a 9-5, get-rich-quick-scheme, overnight millions or an Internet junk program. 
This doesn't mean that one or two people can't succeed with some of this stuff. The odds are stacked against the vast majority. That's why the failure rate is over 98%. And...if you have any one of the above mentioned character traits, you won't earn any real money with this program...or any other program, unless you are willing to grow and change. There is no such reality as something for nothing and no pies float in the sky.
In 6,000 years of recorded history no cowardly, fainted hearted, timid, or fearful person has ever amassed great wealth or ever had any great accomplishment. Internet Gurus rob the masses blind, by deceiving them, and perhaps you, that you can do little or nothing and amass great wealth.  It's  not going to happen least not on planet earth.  You are going to have to work, discipline yourself and find the courage from somewhere to succeed.
This can not be over emphazised: If you already have enough courage to hand someone a flyer and open your mouth and say, "Thank you, have a great day", You can earn money every month. Checks are mailed on the 1st and the 15th.
Who knows....your Internet ship, or whatever ship you got sailing out there might come in someday. 
While you are loading up the automailer, you need to understand this reality of business, sales & marketing and sponsoring & recruiting, everybody is not going to buy your product, use your service or signup in your program.  Our method increases the probability that more people will.
If you want to start earning money 30 days from now, click here and signup.
Once we know you are in our group, we will send you further instructions. You can learn the RIGHT PEOPLE ONLY sales and marketing method in 20 minutes or less.   Then.... Never Forget It.... And.... Always Use It!
Use the menu (to your left) at this website to find more information, services or products that can help you succeed. Email us for additional support if you need it.
In Yeshua Ha Machiach's name, Bless George M. Sistrunk.

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