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In Yeshua Ha Machiach's name, YHVH rebuke Satan's powers and influence from this website and George M. Sistrunk's financial blessings.
Since 2005, we have sponsored thousands of people in online income programs that are still experiencing difficult financial situations despite having the means to increase their income.  Consequently, the only way out of financial difficulty is to increase your income.  To do that you need "Seed Money".  Ptcs and Ptrs are an excellent source of "Seed Money".  The following links will take you to reliable income program and/or information that will help you.
We joined Ptcs and Ptrs to discover ways to help our members earn income to upgrade and/or take advantage of income opportunities.  Like you, we have encountered our fair share of scammers and Ptcs and Ptrs that are not worth your time or effort. Some are listed below.
You Will Never Get Paid
What You Earn With The Following Ptcs & Ptrs

payingptr.com owes a lot of a people a lot of money
We Have Earned $1,068.45               


We Have Earned $84.25              

We Have Earned $49.00              

MonthenBux Domain Name Has Been Permanently Or Temporarily Suspended
We Are Owed $9.54              

We Have Earned $7.00              

The following Ptcs & Ptrs are now history. We will never receive the money we earned.
123Bux.Net, 1 Cent Mail, AoBux, ApuBux, AtlantisPtc, Boosterbux, Buxera, Buxess, BuxMatrix, BuxInc., Cashium, CheapBux, Click2Earn, Clicks4Cashout, Clicksius, Dashbux, EasyPtcCash, FamilyBux, Galabux, GetBux2Day, Globobux, Love-Ptc, IiBux, Indoclix, Irish Clicks, LeafBux, LotBux, MClix.Info, MoneyBux, MoneyClix, Mybux, MyPaidBux, No-Minimum Bux, NxtBux, OnBux, Padium, Palmbux, Ptc00, Ptc25, Ptc50, Ptc76, RaindropClickersPtc, Raremails, RjBux, Schaanp Klicks, UeBux, UltimatePtc, VcBux, VynBux, X-ray Cash, Xrayemails
    Unpaid Earnings From The Above Scam Sites @ $2.50 Average................$57.50
Remember: Ptcs & Ptrs disappear as rapidly as they appear!
  Total Earnings We Will Never Receive...........................$2,511.24
(Note: Dollar amount will change as new SCAM SITES are added.  Earnings do not include dollar amounts from defunct Ptcs & Ptrs that we no longer click.)


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