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Welcome to The Next Income Wave website by Advantage Housing Income Opportunity

At this site we'll discuss why Short-Term Contracts and 3-7 Year Installment Contracts will out perform traditional real estate as a money-making venture.

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No investment instrument will perform for Individual Investors like short-term contracts in the secondary housing market.  Here's why...
  • Short-term Contracts can return 100% or more in 90 days or less in some cases.
  • "Cash-Out" Acquisitions typically return 40%-45% within a few weeks.
  • Returns average between 9%-25% per unit on installment contracts, compared to 6%-7% for traditional real estate mortgages on single family homes.
  • Current cost-to-earnings ratios on 3-7 year installment contracts exceed 70%.
  • If a 30 year mortgage is used as a guideline, your money would turn 10 times faster with a 3 year installment contract, and over 4 times faster on a 7 year contract.
  • Units in the secondary housing market cost less to acquire and maintain than traditional site built units. 
  • In the current market environment, acquisition costs are extremely low.  Therefore, interest rates can be increased without a significant increase in average monthly payments.
  • More home buyers are looking for affordable housing.
  • In traditional real estate markets, $50,000.00 might buy one single family unit.  The same money in secondary housing would buy and set 3 units with 3 times the income, and at 1/3 the cost per complete unit.
  • Home buyers in this market know they have credit problems and are quite willing to pay higher interest rates, so long as monthly payments remain competitive and affordable.

In addition to all the reasons just mentioned, lender flight from the chattel side of the secondary housing market has created unprecedented opportunities for Individual Investors. However, this current market environment will not last long.  Therefore, take advantage of these income opportunities now while they still exist in single section and multi-section secondary housing; as well as land and home mortgages.


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Why Wait?  Take advantage of these incredible values in short-term contracts, installment contracts, "cash-out" acquisitions and long-term rentals today!   It is now November 2002, there are no second chances.  When this bonanza in secondary housing is is over!!
Note:  As of 2005, this site is no longer active for sales and marketing.  However, the information written on these web pages is still an accurate and reliable guideline to acquire manufactured housing in the United States. 


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