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Independent Marketing Group.Ws
One Of The Best Home Based Business Location Since 2005
Work From Home Tips & Insights
Your Road Map To Networking Success
This is the only website on the Internet written specifically to help first time opportunity seekers or first time work-from-homers increase their income in the shortest possible period of time. 
On the Internet first-timers are called Newbies.  Independent Marketing Group.Ws defines a "Newbie" as an individual using the web to increase his/her part time or full time income for the first time.
Why Not Earn $5.00 Right Now?  Just click on the $100.00 Bills, go to the website, sign up and return here.  If you follow this simple plan, you will not only be $5.00 richer... you will see how simple it is... to succeed... in a duplicatable... income earning  system! 
Even if you don't take advantage of an opportunity on our pages or in our Showcase, you can still leave here today with an income system.  This is our way of thanking you for coming.  This website is replete with images and symbols of money for a very good reason. 
While you are here, we never want you to forget just how important and necessary money is to having a stress free and fulfilling lifestyle.  The opportunity behind the stacks of $100.00 bills is simple, but effective.  If you work it properly, you can earn several hundred or several thousand dollars over the next few years.
Independent Marketing Group's concepts were created to help you realize success in sales and marketing.  We don't create or develop products and/or services.  We formulate programs, concepts, formats and organize marketing groups to introduce them to the general public.
To accomplish your sales and marketing objectives, we developed the Integrated Economics concept.  Our concept is so easy and uncomplicated that anyone that uses it can become a competent sponsor or recruiter. Why? The Integrated Economics concept operates on a very simple principle:
"Find a duplicatable system or method that is already working and plug people into it."
You have been using this principle all your life.  You just didn't realize it.  Your job, profession, or career, whether it is public or private, is an example of a plug-in system. 
Universities, schools, and colleges of all kinds and types are other examples.  Even government sponsored programs and services are examples of plug-in systems.  The reason why the vast majority of people will never earn great income in these readily available plug-in systems is because they are not designed or created for that purpose. 
In order to earn significant monthly income, you need 2 additional steps, and every now and then, 3 additional steps.  With this new information, your networking success is literally assured.
Understanding Money's Role And Value
Just like you can't lose something you never had, and you can't understand something you don't know, it is virtually impossible for the vast majority of people to acquire or amass great wealth.
The reason:  The vast majority do not fully understand the real role, value, and importance of money in their lives. 
In this modern era, your need to have consistent and continuous sources of income will never cease.  If you don't have it, then your government must have it.  Government services and programs must be funded, and that money must come from somewhere. 99% of the time, it comes out of your pocket. We will discuss money's role and value in detail in the Information Warehouse.  Right now, you need to realize and understand this important fact of life:
"Nothing will take the place of money in the areas of your life where money was intended to work.  Absolutely Nothing.  Let this fact of life thoroughly sink into your subconscious mind."
You need money to have a decent lifestyle in the industrialized world.  Don't ever forget this fact.  If this is your first time earning money on the web, or you tried before and failied, using our Integrated Economics concept will save you time, money and effort.  
The Integrated Economics concept puts people into working systems, rather than trying to put a working system into people.  This helps you avoid the frustrations that drive thousands back to living from paycheck to paycheck.  For the vast majority, if they can't succeed in our simple program of plugging people into working duplicatable systems, they absolutely can not and will not succeed in any income opportunity that requires "Interactive Personal Marketing" 
If you feel you are ready to learn step-by-step how to dramatically increase your income, click on the "Fist Full of Money" and enter Opportunity Showcase IIf you need additional information, or insight, continue reading.
Simplifying The Process To Increase Your Income
Independent Marketing Group.Ws (IMG.Ws) was created and developed to help you achieve your financial goals.  We simplify the process to increase your income.  By giving you effective, yet simple plug-in income earning systems, you can dramatically increase your income in the shortest possible period of time.  Most people that need additional income, need it as soon as possible. 
If you did not earn your $5.00...earn it right now.  Click on Inbox Dollar$.   Examine their opportunity, sign up, and return here.  By participating in this simple procedure and following simple instructions, you are experiencing how uncomplicated it is to earn money in a duplicatable system.  However, in order to explode your income, duplication, by itself, is not enough. You also need to leverage your income by involving like-minded others.
Duplication And Leveraging
If you followed our instructions, went to Inbox Dollar$' website, and signed up, you earned $5.00.  The $5.00 you just earned might not seem like a lot of money; and in fact, it isn't. 
But, you have already earned it, even if you can't spend it right now.  Let's say you decided to tell your family and friends about your instant $5.00.
Let's also assume they followed your example.  For every person that duplicates your first step, (signing up), you earn $5.00 as a referral bonus.  Let's assume this simple system you initiated generates 300 referrals.  That's 300 x $5.00.  Now your earnings total $1,505.00, and all you invested was a little time and a little effort. 
Let's further assume all 300 people followed your example and began referring others, and you earned $1.00 for everyone they referred.  Let's also assume for the sake of this example, that these 300 people only averaged 50 referrals each.  That's 300 x 50 or 15,000 referrals x $1.00.  Now your earnings total $16,505.00. 
This is what happened in this example:  You not only duplicated yourself, you also leveraged your income by involving like-minded others.  Now do you understand how duplication and leveraging work to increase your income?
Oh,  I see.... even though you understand how this works, you are just not the salesperson type.  You are just not good at word-of-mouth networking, or talking to people.  Even if duplication and leveraging can dramatically increase your income, you don't know enough people, you've failed at it before, or you can't get family and/or friends to help you grow your business.  Is this your problem?
Your Computer And The Worldwide Web
In traditional networking, you would have a major problem.  There are always exceptions; but, if you are not very good at talking to people, sales, or marketing, your chances of real success are slim and none.
You see, any marketing system that depends on the recruited, or sponsored person's ability to close sales, mentor, or train others is likely to fail.  In fact, 95% of them have already failed, and more are likely to follow.  Your Internet Based Business or Business Group does not require these kind of skills. 
The ability to sell, mentor, or train others is a skill only a small percentage of any population group will acquire.  Why risk failure when you don't have to?  You obviously have a computer or access to one, or you would not be at this website.  By using your computer and simple duplicatable systems, you can achieve the same, or even better results than people involved in traditional networking. 
Figures vary from 200 million to 800 million people that are plugged into the worldwide web.  Regardless of the exact number, the bottom line is there are millions of people already using the web, and many of them are looking for work-from-home opportunities, or ways to increase their income.  Your goal is to present your offering to as many people as possible.
By using your computer and taking advantage of the web, you will eliminate the obstacles that limit the financial growth of thousands of people involved in traditional networking.  As long as you stay within your Internet Based Business or Business Group, you do not have to talk to anyone, or convince anyone of anything.
Besides, the vast majority of people are very capable of deciding for themselves, and by themselves whether or not they want to join you in a business venture.  Your objective is to provide them with enough information so they can make an intelligent decision that will benefit them and you.
The Common Law Of Business Balance
Let's return to the $5.00 you have already earned.  For your limited investment of time and effort you received a limited reward.  Again there are always exceptions, but, "The Common Law of Business Balance" prohibits getting something for nothing, paying a little and getting a lot, or doing a little and receiving huge rewards. 
There is an old saying, and it's true: "There is no such thing as getting something for nothing." 
Once you understand "The Common Law of Business Balance", and begin applying this law to your life, you will begin to realize it takes time, money, and effort to significantly grow your income.  Investing more time and effort dramatically increases the probability that you will succeed. 
You are the only person that will determine how much time, energy, and money you invest in your project.  You will decide how much you earn or not earn.
With Your Internet Based Business Group, You Can Earn As Little As $100.00 A Month, Or As Much As $30,000.00 A Month Or More.

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