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It's Difficult To Succeed By Yourself

That's right. You can't do it alone.  Maybe you've been trying to sell this or that by yourself and maybe you've made some money... congratulations.  How long can you keep it up?  Is that what you want to do from now on... forever?  No?  Then what other choice do you have?  You have to have other people involved in your business.

If you think you can build a successful business by yourself, I'd like you to do something.  Get a piece of paper and write down the names of every successful business you know of that's operated entirely by person.  You won't need a very long piece of paper.  Chances are, you can't name one successful business that doesn't have more than one person actively engaged in the performance of that business.

So, if you can't name one such business, what makes you think you can accomplish what nobody else has done?  Wouldn't it make more sense to accept the fact that for your business to grow and succeed, you'll need the help of other people?  Once you understand that, you can begin to see how important it is for you to be able to build a team of qualified individuals who are willing to commit their time, energy, and efforts to helping you build your business.

But I Can't Afford To Pay Anyone.  How Can I Build Such A Team?

There is only one way to get anyone to help you build your business.  You have to make it so they can see some significant benefit for themselves.  Once they realize the benefits that can be gained by working with you, they will move themselves and your business forward. 

Why do tens of thousands of people work for Wal-Mart?  There is only one reason.  Each of these people wants to have something that a paycheck from Wal-Mart helps them buy.  It might be a car, a home, groceries or money in the bank.  Whatever each individual employee's reason is, it's enough to keep him/her returning to work at Wal-Mart... and moving Wal-Mart forward.

If Wal-Mart could no longer provide that reason, they would cease to exist as a company.  Is a paycheck the ONLY thing people will work for?  No.  In fact, just providing a paycheck is one of the least effective ways to get people to commit their efforts to helping you build your business.  The best way doesn't involve a paycheck at all.  The best way to get people to join your team.. to help you move your business forward... involves opportunity.

 Opportunity?  What Opportunity?

If you have a business you're building, be it with an IMG.Ws opportunity or something else,  it's probably because you see the potential for a significant benefit for you.  You see your business as an opportunity.  Guess what?  If they could realize a similar opportunity, there are other people out there who would  consider what you're doing a worthwhile venture for themselves... and be willing to help you move your business forward.   

Since you need other people to help you build a successful business... and without other people on your team, your business is doomed to fail... it's in your best interest to find a way to share your opportunity with the Right People. (See the importance of finding the Right People in the Information Warehouse)

Did I say you should share your opportunity with just anyone?  No. You should be selective.  You need to understand there are some people that will help you.. if they join your team, and other people that will hold you back.  You want to keep the good ones and eliminate the bad ones.

Having the right people in key positions within your business will practically insure your success.  Having the wrong people in those positions will practically insure your failure.  Now that you know you need the Right People in the right positions in your business... and that you can get these people to join you, and work with you, by providing them the same opportunity that you have, you might be wondering how to accomplish this without diminishing your own opportunity to succeed?  

Take advantage of an IMG.Ws income opportunity and you will discover the answer yourself.

Dedicated to Dorothy Sistrunk-Johnson - Avon Representative
November 29, 1930 to May 8, 2005 

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