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Independent Marketing Group.Ws 
One Of The Best Home Based Business Locations Since 2005
The Independent Marketing Group.Ws Advantage
The Edge Over Your Competitors - Experience The Difference
Our immediate objective is to help each new Associate that has an Internet Based Business or Business Group  earn $100.00 a month.  If you cannot earn $100.00 a month, you cannot earn $10,000.00 a month.
For each new Associate that has a Home Business Enterprises or Home Business Shop Operation, our immediate objective is help you earn $100.00 a month also.  If you cannot earn $100.00 a month, you cannot earn $10,000.00 a month.
The absolute best way to proceed in any endeavor or undertaking is "Step-By-Step".  As soon as you complete Step 1, move on to Step 2
If you cannot gain the knowledge and skill to increase your income by this method, then you cannot increase your income by any other.  Every successful method or procedure is a "Step-By-Step" process.
Since many of the income opportunities you can take advantage of are forced Matrices, all our new Associates and Reality Networkers will benefit directly from the spillover of our sponsoring activities which began in May 2006. 
As an IMG.Ws Associate or Reality Networker, you have access to some of the best sponsor oriented income systems on the Internet, an aggressive recruiting program to help grow your organization, one of the best self-help resource centers and more advantages than any other sponsor can provide.  You will also enjoy these additional benefits.
1.  You will never have to promote IMG.Ws.  Your responsibility is to promote and build your own organization.  Our responsibility is to help you accomplish your objective by providing ongoing support and information, when, and if, you need it.
2.  IMG.Ws is totally committed to your success.  Where else can you go, on the Internet, or off, and discover the difference between a Stand Alone business, an Internet Based Business Group, a Home Business Enterprise and a Shop Operation.
3.  We have already demonstrated our commitment to your financial success by directing you to a duplicatable income opportunity at Inbox Dollar$.  This simple system, if worked properly, can earn you several thousand dollars over the next few years.
4.  IMG.Ws is the only marketing organization that does not sell our downline or team members information.  Being an IMG.Ws Associate is absolutely FREE.
5.  IMG.Ws does not hinder or limit your ability to participate in income opportunities that you discover.  Plus, we'll place your link on our website at no charge if you have an excellent opportunity that we do not have in our Opportunity Showcase.
6.  At IMG.Ws, you get straight talk and honest answers.  We don't shroud information in mystery to entice you to buy a product or use a service.
7.  There are no mentors, trainers, or conference calls.  Every income opportunity we represent stands on its own merits.
The Reality Networkers Advantage
In order to completely understand intellectually, psychologically, financially, emotionally and from a practical point of view the Reality Networkers Advantage, let me ask you this question:
What Would Happen To Your Income If Over 4,000,000 People Paid You $1.00?
The Answer:  You would be a cash multi-millionaire in less than a year and your lifestyle should be dramatically improved.  Wouldn't you agree? 
You see, having access to Reality's more than 4,000,000 members is a huge and definite advantage for any seriously minded person.  This is true whether you operate a home business or not and regardless of your current status, situation, income or level of success. The next question you need to ask yourself:

Is This Amount Of Income Possible?

The Answer:  Yes.... But, only at Reality Networkers. This is another huge advantage. Reality Networkers can put more money in your hands than any one company, individual, software program, organization or singe group on or off  the Internet. This also includes your job or career if you have one.  
Why Is This True?
The Reason:  Reality Networkers is the only organized structure that can accommodate everything you are doing now and might be doing in the future simultaneously.  You do not have to abandon one business for another, one product or service for another,  divide your resources or attention or limit your opportunities or business interest.  One structured format does it all.
With over 4,000,000 dedicated networkers, marketers and entrepreneurs and growing at the rate of over 21,548 new members a week, there are bound to be hundreds or thousands that will be interested in your product, service, information or opportunity or willing to help you establish secondary income sources. Think about the short term and long term financial implications of this actuality and reality.
IMG.Ws' long tem goal is to take advantage of every legitimate income opportunity we can find.  The person with a legitimate income opportunity can be anyone. Why not let it be you? Of course there are minimum requirements that must be met before you can access the entire membership.
If  you are an active marketer, webmaster, networker, recruiter, sponsorer, work-from-homer or want to start a home business, meeting these minimum requirements should not be a problem for you and it certainly beats clicking ads, surfing for credits, paying for advertisement that rarely works, buying leads, joining safe lists, opt-in lists or emailing other networkers, marketers or work-from-homers that are busy selling their own products, services or opportunities. 
Meeting Reality's minimum requirements is definitely better than beating the proverbial bushes for sign ups, referrals or sales for the rest of your life.  What makes more sense? Building a network with a single product where you have thousands of competitors with products and/or services just as good or better than yours, or bringing products, services and/or information to a network where you have no competitors?   

The overwhelming majority of networkers and marketers work backwards. They run around trying to build networks with products or services, rather than bring the products or services they find to an established network. Which would be the smart thing to do? Build a network first of dedicated marketers or try to get other marketers to leave what they are doing to sell your product or service?
If you answer any of these questions truthfully, honestly and with intelligence, you will discover building a network first makes much more sense and is far more practical and easier to do, than taking the opposite approach. Reality Networkers is what the vast majority has been looking for, for long term financial security and multiple streams of income in the truest sense of the words.
Why Is This Also True? 

The Reason:  Unlike 99.99% of the income opportunities on and off the Internet, Reality Networkers is not an either-or proposition, stop what you are doing and work with me on this, work part time on your opportunity and join me in this one or... a you-win-and-I-lose scenario. It is a win-win actuality for all involved including your current downline or organization, if you have one, your family, friends, relatives, neighbors and associates.
Finally, when it comes to earning an income, tt's always best to have 3 strategies in place - short-term (immediate cash) intermediate (lifestyle or continuing income) and finally, long-term (latter year income). Failing to plan on this level is why millions end up broke. Don't let this oversight happen to you.  At Reality, you can have all three.
Even though links to Reality Networkers can found throughout this website and on this page, if want to examine the awesome growth and earning potential at Reality Networkers right now, click on the following link.  Reality Networkers.
Reality Networkers is the future of network, referral and affiliate marketing and the smart choice for professional or new networkers, marketers and work-from-homers. Over 4,000,000 people are just waiting to help you earn more money. Why not take advantage of it?  Next - Another major advantage of working with IMG.Ws - The Information Warehouse.
The Information Warehouse
Having access to the Integrated Economics concept is a major asset for you.  It saves you time, effort, frustration, and it allows you to assemble Wealth Building teams in several online businesses at the same time.  The Integrated Economics concept makes it much easier to find like-minded others that will plug-in, duplicate, and leverage, which dramatically increases your overall earning potential. 
This is the edge you need in order to build a successful organization, online or off. The company/ies you will, or have joined is your Primary Support system.   Use the information each company provides to learn your product/s, service, or income opportunity. 
There is no excuse for not knowing your business.  IMG.Ws is your Secondary Support system.  This system provides ongoing information that will not only help you succeed in any networking business venture online, or off, it will also help you succeed in life.  You will find this timely, reliable, and life changing information in our Information Warehouse.
In fact, IMG.Ws' biggest advantage over any other sponsor, or sponsoring organization is our Information Warehouse.  In the Warehouse is Step 3.  You can not build a successful business, or achieve any worthwhile goal, financial or otherwise, without Step 3This important step clarifies your thinking, focuses your energies, and gives you a comprehensive vision of..
 1.  What you have to do..
 2.  When you have to do it...
 3.  How it must be done...
 4.  Where it must be done...
 5.  Who to contact to start getting it done...
 6.  Why it must be...and...
 7.  Now is the time to do it...
It is quite possible you can stumble upon Step 3 by accident, or discover it all by yourself.  Thousands already have.  Why take a hit-or-miss or approach?  Go to the Warehouse and find out what it is if you haven't discovered it already.  The Warehouse also contains key universal laws and principles that govern wealth building such as:
 1.  The Law of Inertia.
 2.  The Unity Principle.
 3.  The Law of Cause and Effect.
 4.  The Law of Reciprocity.
 5.  The Law of Attraction.
 6.  The Law of Large Numbers.
 7.  The Law of Excluded Alternatives.
 8.  The Law of Diminishing Returns.
 9.  The Law of Applied Force.
10.  The Principle of Mind and more....
 1.  Find a duplicatable system or method that is already working.
 2.  Plug yourself into it.
 3.  Duplicate the process.
 4.  Leverage your income by involving like-minded others.
 5.  Maintain a positive, supportive, and nurturing environment.
By going to the Warehouse you will learn "How to Grow Your Internet Or Home Business Rapidly" and important "How-to" information for Home Based Business Enterprises and Home Business Shop Operations. 
IMG.Ws defines a "Home Business Shop Operation" as a business enterprise, or income opportunity that requires interactive personal marketing, selling products an/or services, sponsoring and/or recruiting in order to grow and develop succcessfully.
IMG.Ws defines a "Home Business Enterprise" as a for profit venture that may or may not require recruiting, sponsoring or inventoring products, but does require sales and/or marketing in order to be successful.  Sales success does not necessarily depend on interactive personal marketing skills.
IMG.Ws created and developed the term; "Interactive Personal Marketing", to describe the relationships and activities involved in selling or marketing a product or service, or sponsoring or recruiting another individual by one-on-one personal, or group contact.
The following products and services are better suited for a Home Based Shop Operation, rather than an internet based or home based enterprise.
 1.  Health, wellness, and diet products.
 2.  Water and air purifiers.
 3.  Cosmetics and Personal Care.
 4.  Home Care Products.
 5.  Car Care Proucts.
There are many products and services that are better suited for a Home Based Enterprise rather than an Internet based business or a home business shop operation such as...
 1.  Self improvement or self development products or services.
 2.  Legal services.
 3.  Dental plans and insurance products or services.
 4.  Real Estate.
 5.  Satellite Tv.
The biggest mistake the vast majority make is trying to run a Home Business Enterprise as a Home Business Shop Operation or as an Internet based enterprise and "vice versa".  This does not mean these products or services cannot be sold successfully using the Internet, nor does it mean you cannot sponsor or recruit using the Internet.
It means you are going to have to develop your own customer base in order to earn any real income, and work one-on-one with the people you do manage to sponsor or recruit.  Many companies and organizations deal with this reality by developing mentor or training programs, or using conference calls.  If you are not using Integrated Economic principles to build your downline organization, it would be wise to take advantage of these services.
The Integrated Economics Concept Gives You The Edge
The Integrated Economics concept is designed and formulated to build networks and downline organizations by connecting with people.  No business venture is more suited for Integrated Economics than a Home Based Business Shop Operation.
The vast majority of Shop Operations involve building a customer network; as well as a distributor network.  To accomplish these twin objectives in the shortest possible period of time, you will need a concept that can adapt to your special needs and requirements.
There are many companies you can use for a Home Business Shop Operation. Most allow you to earn exponential income in the form of overrides.  You can also earn additional income from pools, and/or bonuses.  The income you earn in these moneymaking systems is considerably more than you could ever earn by working alone. 
Despite all these advantages, thousands fail in Shop Operations every year because they don't understand the process.  In fact, this extemely high failure rate has given MLM and networking a bad name.  Therefore, in the Warehouse you will learn:
 1.  How to establish an effective Home Based Business Operation.
 2.  The difference between sponsoring and recruiting.
 3.  How to profile prospects.
 6.  Effective approaches.
 7.  The importance of PMI.
 8.  The importance of PMA.
 9.  How to use "Fire Under".
10. How to give effective presentations.
12. What to do when your prospect says....NO!
These are just a few of the many items you will find in the Information Warehouse. This supplemental Secondary Support system gives you the sponsoring, recruiting, or marketing edge you need in your race with competitive offers, products, and services.
You Can Win This Race
A fraction of a second after you decide to participate in an income opportunity, you are in a race.  You are in a race to find people that will buy your product/s, use your service, or take advantage of your income opportunity.
You are racing against time and others to find people before they do that are capable of plugging-in, duplicating, and leveraging.  This is not an easy race to win.  
It is not easy because of the competition and spam filters that wipe out your emails.  It is also not easy because it can be extremely difficult dealing with the mind-set of another human being.  In addition, there are several more reasons why millions of people never enter this race, and why the hundreds of thousands that do, never reach the finish line..
First:  The vast majority of people in America and many industrialized countries are sold on the 40-40-40 plan. {40 hours a week, 40 years of work, and $40.00 in a savings account when they retire.}
Second:  You will be competing against thousands of other representatives, and companies with similar offers, products and/or services.  And.. If they are involved in networking, they are also looking for the best people they can find for their business venture/s.
Third:  There are millions of others that would rather complain about their circumstances, do nothing about their circumstances, look for miracles, depend on luck, the lottery, someone else, or the government to change their circumstances, rather than take decisive action themselves.  I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.
The Integrated Economics concept and the Information Warehouse give you the decided advantage in your race against the competition for the following reasons:
1.  The Integrated Economics concept simplifies and condenses the recruiting or sponsoring process, and the moneymaking process into workable formats that can be learned and used by anyone with reasonable intelligence.
2.  You have methods and systems that can be easily duplicated and they are so adaptable until your market potential expands exponentially, rather than arithmetically; therefore, your chances to win are dramatically improved.
3.  You can package Internet based income opportunities into an Internet Based Business Group.  Based on time, effort, money, and expertise, your income opportunities will generate more personal income for the vast majority than anything else they could do.  Special talents or skills are not needed.
4.  The income opportunities in your Internet Based Business Group are so affordable, you have a 100% market share. 100% of the adult age population anywhere in the world can participate in at least one of your opportunities.  Why?  Some of your opportunities are FREE to join with no monthly maintenance or purchase requirements.  All they have to do is work the program to earn part time or full time income, and your knowledge of Integrated Economics will show them how to do that effectively.
As an IMG.Ws Associate or Reality Networker you will have an incredible arsenal to bring into the  arena to battle against the competition.  You have power boosters that will help win the race to sponsor or recruit the best people you can find.  The best people are always those who are willing and ready to change their financial situation.
Why IMG.Ws Is Better Suited To Help You
IMG.Ws is best suited to be your sponsor because when you reach out, we reach back.  We believe it is far wiser, simpler, easier and far more profitable to fit people into workable systems, than to fit systems into people.  Any attempt to place a system into another human being as a leveraging tool is bound to fail in the end.
There is a reason for this:  Each person is uniquely different.  Actualities, circumstances, education, experiences, culture, heritage, influences, exposure, ideology, and a myriad of other intangibles all play their role/s in a person's daily life. 
A marketing or leveraging system would have to adapt to all these intangibles and variables in order to succeed with the vast majority.  This is virtually an impossible task.  This is the primary reason why MLM (multi-level marketing) and interactive personal marketing is failure prone.  Everyone can't sell, mentor, or train. 
These are unique abilities and skills that only a small portion of any population group will acquire.  Having mentors and "so-called" trainers as part of the marketing and sales process, is a valiant, but foolhardy attempt to overcome networking's 95% failure rate.  Conference call-ins are another attempt to overcome networking's tendency to implode.
Joe Guru gets on the phone and tells the suffering masses how successful he is, or a company executive is telling you how great things are going for a small minority, while you are out there struggling to find a worthwhile recruit or to make a sale.
A concept had to be developed for the vast majority that respects individuality and individual differences.  Therefore, our greatest responsibility and purpose as a marketing organization was to find methods and/or systems that were not only duplicatable, but also adaptable. 
If such a system and/or method did not exist, then it became our duty; and indeed, our obligation to create it.  The Integrated Economics concept is that system, and that method.  Join us and experience the IMG.Ws difference. 
It's Your Turn
Now, it's up to you to make your decision.  If you haven't done so already, go to the "100.00 Bills" on our Home Page or click on this link to Inbox Dollar$, sign up, and return here.  This is a simple, basic, but effective way to earn a little money and save a little money.  If you need to review The Proven Method That Builds Wealth Rapidly and Why You Need An Internet Based Business Group, click on the titles above.
If you have already selected an income opportunity and would like to return to Opportunity Showcase I, or if you have not selected an opportunity and would just like to review, click on the link or the arrow below.  You can also click on an arrow that will take you to our contact information.

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