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Independent Marketing Group.Ws
One Of The Best Home Based Business Locations Since 2005
Building Wealth Is Simple, But Not Easy
What You Need Is Continuous Long Term Income
In order to rapidly increase your income, or wealth, you must have workable systems or methods.  A good workable system must be easy for others to use and duplicate. 
The Opportunity Showcase has income earning systems that are not only easy for others to work and use, they are also easy for others to duplicate.  The best possible method to increase your income rapidly is an Internet Based Business Group, or a combination of duplicatable systems.
There is a reason for this:  An Internet Based Business Group, or a combination of duplicatable systems creates multiple streams of income from several different sources.  This method increases your income much more rapidly because income streams are added together simultaneously.  The income earning systems in our Opportunity Showcases and the Information Warehouse are some of the best the Internet currently has to offer. 
You will be proud to represent any company in our Showcases or the Warehouse. This is important because your personal pride will encourage you to tell others.  Take a good long look at the hands full of money on this page.  This is what you really want isn't it?  More money in Your Hands! 
What Harry does to earn $30,000.00 a month means nothing to you, unless you can duplicate his process and work his system.  This is why the Integrated Economics concept succeeds, while other concepts and marketing formats fail.  Integrated Economics gives you precise duplication.  You don't have to re-invent the wheel, simply use the "The Proven Method That Builds Wealth Rapidly."
Even though this process is simple to use and follow, it is not an easy process to implement.  We will briefly dicuss the reasons why implementing this process is so difficult in The IMG.Ws Advantage and discuss it more thoroughly in the Information Warehouse.
The Proven Method That Builds Wealth Rapidly
1.  Find a duplicatable system that is already working.  (The key word is duplicatable.)
2.  Plug yourself into it.  (You have been doing these 2 steps practically all your life.  Now you must add these additional steps in order to generate significant income.)
3.  Duplicate the Process.
4.  Leverage your earnings by involving like-minded others. (Like-minded others are people that will also plug-in, duplicate, and leverage.)
5.  Maintain a positive, supportive and nurturing environment.  (Stay away from "get-rich-quick" schemes and negative, visionless, or faithless people.)
When Someone Else Is Your Sponsor
A negative environment can neutralize this entire process.  If you are having difficulty maintaining a positive, supportive and nurturing environment at home, then you must find and work with people or organizations that are positive, supportive and committed to your success. 
Finding these people or organizations is just as important as finding a duplicatable system. 
If you didn't create the opportunity, someone else (generally a sponsor or recruiter) will make you aware that an income opportunity exist.  Through this person's effort, you will have access to the same opportunity.  There are many income opportunities on the Internet.  And... There are many people that would like to be your sponsor. 
Chances are excellent that someone will come to our website that has already been sponsored or recruited into a company he/she discovered.  There is also the possibility that someone will visit our website that got sponsored or recruited by answering an ad or email.  Chances are also excellent that none of these people are earning any real money, and the relationship between that person and his/her sponsor is about as fuzzy as "For Your Information" on the "F.Y.I.  HELP"  icon. 
Many times in these situations, a meaningful professional relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored is nonexistent.  If you are one of these people, you are fortunate. You came to the right place to get real HELP.  If you have never been sponsored or recruited into an income opportunity, you are definitely in the right place.
Far too often, being sponsored or recruited is the luck-of-the-draw.  You might be lucky and find someone that is dedicated and committed to your success, or you could end up with someone that could care less, not at all, or someone you never hear from again.  What's even worse, after you join, you are not earning any real money, and your sponsor can't help you earn any money.  Does this sound familiar?
When IMG.Ws Is Your Sponsor
As an IMG.Ws Associate and Reality Networker you will earn money.  In fact, you already have if you followed our instructions and signed up with Inbox Dollar$.  If you can communicate with another human being, you can succeed as a Reality Networker
Combining Integrated Economics with intelligent, persistent and determined effort, will allow you to effectively expose others to your income opportunity/ies, or your product, or service. 
As your sponsor, you will have 24/7 access to our Information Warehouse
In the Warehouse are some of the same methods that built America's most successful insurance marketing company.  You will also learn, that the key to effective sales, marketing, sponsoring,or recruiting, has nothing to do with sales, marketing, sponsoring, or recruiting.  An entirely different process is at work. 
Therefore, if you are currently involved in a networking company, or any full or part time occupation, or profession, using our Integrated Economics concept will have an immediate and dramatic impact on your earnings.
As stated previously, IMG.Ws is a marketing company.  We don't create products or services.  We find income opportunities, products or services, and sponsor or recruit people into them.  We provide the marketing format that allows you to build your own successful organization. Our sales and marketing format is collectively called: "Integrated Economics".  
As an IMG.Ws Associate and Reality Networker, you won't have the problem of trying to become a super salesperson or recruiter as long as you stay within your Internet Based Business or Business Group.  Your Internet Based Business or Business Group is 90 to 99% Internet based.  Some income opportunities in the Information Warehouse are 100% Internet based.  100% Internet based means it can not be successfully marketed or developed offline.
If you have to make a personal contact, or your trainer or mentor, then you are not in an Internet based income opportunity.  You are in a traditional networking company that is using the Internet to market, recruit, sponsor or sell its product or service.  These companies have excellent programs.  They are simply better suited as a Home Business Enterprise or Shop Operation, rather than an Internet Based Business or a Stand Alone business.
All Home Business Shop Operations (no exceptions) require "Interactive Personal Marketing" to grow and develop.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are not very good at selling products or services to their family, friends, and neighbors, or sponsoring or recruiting others.  When it comes to strangers, or the general public.... well... you get the picture.
In order to succeed in traditional networking, or earn any real money, you must already have, or you must develop or improve, your one-on-one people skills, and your ability to market and sell your product or service.  If you do not have these skills, or cannot successfully develop a personal sales and marketing system, you absolutely cannot grow your business to its full potential.
What Makes IMG.Ws & Reality Networkers Different
First:  IMG.Ws and Reality Networkers are independent organizations.  We don't have an allegiance to any particular product or service.  Our allegiance is to our teams and their families, and what is right and best for them. 
Products and services are a means to an end.  The end being, a better standard of living, or more financial assets for our team members.  If the end result of all your activities is not an improvement in your present situation, you are wasting time and money.
Second:  We are not going to ramrod you into an opportunity, or try to sell you a product or service.  Our primary role and function is to provide Reality Networkers with the best income opportunities we can find. 
Third:  IMG.Ws nor Reality Networkers choose opportunities for you.  If you are on an IMG.Ws team and we are not actively involved or affiliated with a program, we will provide a link for you on our web pages if we determine that it is a good opportunity for you to consider.  We also provide links to opportunities from other Reality Networkers.  This allows you to choose, without pressure or a sales pitch, the right opportunity, and the best opportunity for you and your family.
Fourth:  IMG.Ws and Reality Networkers are your secondary support systems.  This additional information and support structure enhances and improves your ability to build a successful downline organization or a distribution network.
Finally:  IMG.Ws and Reality Networkers believe in the Principles of "Duplication and Leveraging". The income opportunities in your Internet Based Business Group were selected because duplication is virtually automatic and leveraging virtually assured.  These systems also eliminate the need to sell, call, or convince another human being.
The process does the "leg work" for you.  All you have to do is plug yourself into it.  IMG.Ws has made it even easier for you to increase your income rapidly.  We have put the best opportunities the Internet has to offer in one location.
This is a huge advantage because it saves you time, and effort.  In addition, this website also gives you enough information, so you can make an intelligent decision concerning Internet Based Income Opportunities.
Your Very Own Home Or Internet Based Business
Before you can earn money on the worldwide web, you must have something of value to offer. 
All the companies in our Showcases meet this essential requirement.  These companies can be used as your Internet Based Business or Business Group as of today. 
As new and reliable companies and/or opportunities are discovered, either by IMG.Ws or a Reality Networker, they will be added to our Opportunity Showcases
IMG.Ws defines an Internet Based Business Group as two or more Internet based enterprises that can generate consistent income beyond what is required to maintain an acceptable lifestyle. 
Generally, these income earning systems pay $25.00 or less in commissions, bonuses, or referral fees.  Therefore, in order to increase your income rapidly, it is in your best financial interest to operate more than one.  Having more than one such enterprise generates more than one income stream.
Remember:  Your objective is more money in your hands.
If you prefer having a single enterprise, rather than an Internet Based Business Group, then your objective is to find a system that will generate significant income alone.  The income opportunity you choose should also be something you enjoy doing.
IMG.Ws defines a Stand Alone business as any for profit enterprise that is operated from a physical location other than your home.  Stand Alone businesses have different operational requirements from those that can be packaged or marketed on the Internet.  These enterprises generally require much higher startup cost, expertise, higher levels of personal commitment, and generally have higher earnings on a per item basis. 
Income opportunities in this category seldom require recruiting, or sponsoring, but they usually require retailing products and/or services and personal contact.  Customers generally come to you and you rarely have to go to them.  Our Showcases  do not have opportunities in this category as of today.  However, we do have income opportunities that will satisfy even the most astute opportunity seeker.
Why You Need An Internet Based Business Group
The vast majority need an Internet Based Business because many do not have the personality, training or skills necessary to recruit or sponsor others, nor the financial resources and expertise to establish and build a Stand Alone business enterprise.  Therefore, an Internet based or home based enterprise is the best way for the vast majority to earn significant income. 
Even if you decide to build a Stand Alone business, the absolute best way to earn substantial income on or off the Internet is to combine your business enterprise with an additional enterprise/s or investments.  Afterall, most major corporations are a conglomeration of various business enterprises and interest that are packaged together as a single corporate business entity.
If you don't have an existing business enterprise, the training, personality, financial resources or people skills, then you need an Internet or Home Based Business.  If your objective is to earn an extra $1,000.00 a month, you can accomplish it with an Internet Based Business or Business Group, a Home Business Enterprise or Home Business Shop Operation.
We will discuss Home Business Enterprises and Home Business Shop Operations briefly in The IMG.Ws Avantage and more thoroughly in the Information Warehouse.   By combining an existing enterprise/s with other income systems, or packaging various systems into a single group, whatever financial objective you decide upon can be realized with a minimum investment of effort, time, and money.

The vendors and opportunities on this page can change without notice

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