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September 10th & 21st 2015


The Opportunity African American Women Deserve
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
Lead The Way To The Future


Owner’s Standing Committee

Unity International, Incorporated

(Note: Board comes before the owners on the first Monday of every month until further notice.)


Date of Special General Meeting pursuant to 33-7-102(a)-(d): September 10, 2015


I.          Call to Order

II.         Invocation

III.        Greetings from the Chair and/or Co-chair of the Owner’s Committee

IV.       Introduction of Guest (If present)

V.        General Outline of Reports to the Owner’s Committee / Chair

            and/or Co-Chair {Click here for Robert's Rules Of Order}


              1.       Report from the C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer  [If any])

              2.       Report from the President (Reinstatement Progress)

              3.       Report from the Vice President

              4.       Report from the Chief Financial Officer

              5.       Report from the Corporate Secretary (Minutes of the meetings

                        - 33-16-101(a))

              6.       Report from the Registered Agent

              7.       Report from Members of the Board

              8.       Report from the Adviser/s to the Board (If any)

              9.       Report From Accommodating/Compliance Directors

            10.       Report From the Chair or Co-Chair of the Acquisition Committee

            11.       National Sales Director / Vice President of Sales & Marketing

            12.       Report from the Webmaster

            13.       Any Report that is not on the Agenda


VI.       Old Business


            1.         Status of the office, equipment, supplies, utilities & furnishings

            2.         Status of the Private Placement Memorandum

            3.         Increase in Processing Fee  from $50.00 & Administration

                        Fee from $100.00         

4.         Need Secretary for Owner’s Committee for Special Meetings

            5.         Retainer for the Register Agent

            6.         The importance of opening and sending emails to save money & time


VII.     New Business


            1.         Vote Mr. Stanley Wakefield in as Accommodating/Compliance Director

            2.         Need to determine the size of the Board (already have 7).

            3.         Importance of Resolutions – Adviser to the President & Vice President

            4.         Place for next Special General Meeting pursuant to 33-7-102(a)-(d):


VIII.    Benediction

IX.       Adjournment – Chair or Co-Chair officially ends the Special General Meeting


Agenda For Owner’s Standing Committee

Special Meeting Of Unity International, Incorporated


Date of Special Meeting pursuant to 33-7-102(a)-(d):   9/21/2015


I.          Call to Order

II.        Invocation

III.       Greetings from the Chair and/or Co-chair of the Owner’s Committee

IV.       Purpose of Special Meeting


1.      Authorize Resolution to write New By-Laws.


2.       Authorize to change title from Accommodating Director to Compliance Director.      


3.      Authorizing the Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and a witness to the proceedings to handle all the business affairs for Unity International, Inc.


4.      Approve Resolution for Vice President’s action authorizing George Sistrunk to complete the form to send to SC Department of Revenue for Reinstatement.


5.      Authorized Resolution to relieve the President of her duties.


6.      Authorizing Resolution to obtain copyright forms.


7.      Authorized Resolution to relieve the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of her duties.


8.      Authorizing Resolution to create a website to post the minutes from Board meetings and or Standing Committee meeting to the internet.


9.      Resolution approving the creation of the Owners Standing Committee on August 28, 2015 and the minutes of that meeting to be place on line.       


V.        Old Business (If Any)


1.      To vote on whether or not to obtain the restaurant on the Kennedy Road.


VI.       New Business (If Any)


VII.      New Ideas, Concepts or Projects for Consideration By Board

            or Committee


VIII.     Benediction


IX.       Adjournment – Chair or Co-Chair officially ends the Special Meeting.


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