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August 28, 2015


The Opportunity African American Women Deserve
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
Lead The Way To The Future



August 28, 2015


Location:        Orangeburg, SC 29115


Issues to be discussed and voted upon

1.           To select a Chair and Co-Chair person

2.           Secretary – Columbus President – Volunteer for Sec. for Owners

3.           Treasury – Lurline Dantzler - Higgett

4.           Select a permanent meeting place, date and time – Lurline Dantzler

5.           Give 24 hour notice for meeting

6.           Encourage Owners to read and study to learn about their Corporation

7.           Discuss the importance of everyone having a computer and printer or

         access to a computer and printer to cut cost on paper

8.           Discuss the importance of everyone having a g-mail or

         myway.com email

9.          Every Owner need to study Title 33 SC Code of Laws

10.           Discuss reason for a special meeting

11.            Any Owner can call a meeting, he/she set the agenda

            and make sure the agenda can be sent out by e-mail

12.           Discuss Owners Responsibility and Duties are to get 

            General Partners, Field Coordinators, come up with

            ideas and suggestions for the Board to investigate

13.            Money set aside for Corporate Secretary

14.            Set up a Phone Tree

15.            Bank Account for Owners

16.           Corporate Secretary paid after Board Meetings @ $25.00 per hour.


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