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August 17, 2015


The Opportunity African American Women Deserve
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
Lead The Way To The Future

Authorized By: Unanimous Vote of the Owners on August 11, 2015


Prepared By: George M. Sistrunk


Date Due:  August 17, 2015


Date Completed for Beginning Agenda Items: August 12, 2015


Operational List of Items for Owner Decisions

Any Owner Can Schedule an Emergency Meeting


Agenda items are sequential. This means all items are discussed and voted on in numerical order, either at the General Owner’s meetings on the first Monday of every month or at the weekly operational and/or governance meetings. Completed Agenda items are placed numerically in the corporate record book beginning with page 1. Emergency items can be inserted during any meeting and are recorded in the Emergency Meetings note book. {Click here for Robert's Rules Of Order}


I.          Operations That Must Be Decided Before Re-instatement.


A.        Vote & Resolution needed for a permanent location for the General Meeting of Owners that is currently scheduled for the first Monday of every month, starting at 7:00 p.m. until.


B.        Vote & Resolution needed for a permanent location and day for the weekly Operational Meetings, i.e., Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, etc., that are also scheduled for 7:00 p.m. until.


1.         Vote & Resolution needed on the election of the  

            Registered Agent.


A.        Vote & Resolution needed on the qualifications for the Registered Agent and election thereof.


B.        Name, address & phone number/s of the Registered Agent.


2.         Vote & Resolution needed on the election of the

            Corporate Secretary.


            A.        Vote & Resolution needed whether or not to retain

                         the services of Lillian Green who is the most qualified.


                                    -1- (Sequential page numbering starts here)


B.        If Lillian Green refuses or declines for any reason - Vote & Resolution needed on the qualifications for the Corporate Secretary and election thereof.


C.        Name, address & phone number of the Corporate Secretary.


D.       Vote & Resolution needed on the monthly retainer, i.e., $100.00 a month, $125.00, $150.00 or $200.00 a month. Retainer should be no higher than $200.00 a month based on qualifications. Corporate secretary must always be available for meetings. No excuses accepted, other than, family emergency, health issues, death or illness relative to family members, mechanical and/or transportation problems.


E.        Vote & Resolution needed on the hourly or flat fee for meetings, i.e., $20.00, $25.00 or $30.00 per hour. Hourly rate should be no higher than $30.00 per hour. Flat fees are negotiable with approved by resolution. Payment due and payable at the end of the meeting.


F.        Vote & Resolution needed on any Workmen’s Compensation or Health Insurance requirements for the Corporate Secretary under South Carolina law and/or under any Federal mandate. Automatic approval thereof if required or mandated by law.


3.         Vote & Resolution needed on where to locate initial

            corporate office.    


A.        Vote & Resolution needed on the maximum and  minimum amount the owners are willing to pay for rental space.


B.        Vote & Resolution needed on the maximum and  minimum amounts the owners are willing to pay for office supplies and equipment.


C.        Vote & Resolution needed on maximum and minimum amounts for phone service.


4.         Validation of 1244 Stock.


A.        No Shareholder currently has a valid share of stock or ownership interest due to improper signing by former CEO – Dr. Clarence Joyner. All Unity shares must be signed by the President – Dorothy P. Waymer aka Dorothy P. Snider.


            B.        Vote & Resolution needed to authorize new shares to replace all unauthorized and invalid shares. This must be completed before re-instatement.         


            C.        Shareholders that received stock shares that were not properly signed by the President Dorothy P. Waymer aka Dorothy P. Snider, must be.


(End of page) -2-


                       Time limit must be set on notification dates and deadlines. After deadline passes, no improperly signed shares can or will be honored by Unity, unless owners decide otherwise by unanimous vote. This means no dissenting vote can be cast.


            D.        Vote & Resolution needed to disavow all improperly signed stock and officially declare any such improperly signed stock as invalid for imbursement, unless owners decide otherwise by unanimous vote. This means no dissenting vote can be cast.


5.         Officially Set Date and Year for Imbursement to



A.        Vote & Resolution needed to officially set beginning year of imbursement. 1997 to current year or from current year onward. Note: If set from current year onward, no imbursements can be paid until after the year 2020.


B.        Vote & Resolution needed as to when to authorize Imbursements, i.e.,  immediately or as funds become available after taxes and operational expenses.


6.        Current Imbursement is 5% per annum, paid yearly on the fourth Friday of the New Year. Note: all imbursements are taxed as ordinary income.


A.       Current ledger value is $500.00 per share for Phase Acquisition. @ 5% means an annual payment of $25.00 per share that is paid on the fourth Friday of the following year, unless owners decide differently.


1.        Current number of 1244 stock shares that have been transitioned equals 109 shares @ $500.00 per share equals  $54,500.00 paid in capital x .001 + 15.00 – taxes due.


2.        Current number of 1244 stock shares that have not been transitioned equals 1,891 shares @ $500.00 per share equals $945,500.00 in ledger book value.


3.        Fees collected during the Joyner administration equals 100 x100 equals $10,000.00 x .001 – taxes due.


4.        Vote & Resolution needed on collectable fees for the remaining 1,891 shares of 1244 stock equals 1,891 times the dollar amount approved by the owners.


B.       Please Note: Imbursements for Non-transitional shares for verifiable Services Rendered will be huge dollar amounts due to the number of shares @ 5% per annum, paid on the fourth Friday of the new year.


C.        Non-transitional shares = 51,000.

            Value =s 51,000 x $500.00 per share  =s ............$25,500.000.00

(End of page) -3-


D.        Current allocation of Non-transitional Shares for

             Services Rendered.


            1.         CEO – 5,000 x $500.00 =s ..........................$2,500,000.00

            2.         President – 5,000 x $500.00 =s ..................$2,500,000.00

            3.         Vice President – 5,000 x $500.00 =s ........$2,500,000.00

            4.         George Sistrunk – 8,000 x $500.00 =s ......$4,000,000.00

            5.         Otis Harrison – 5,000 x $500.00 =s ...........$2,500,000.00


E.         Remaining Non-transitional shares for allocation for verifiable Services Rendered  for Board Members or active owners – 23,000.


           Ledger value of remaining Non-transitional shares available for allocation to Board Member/s, active owner/s or professionals in exchange for verifiable Services Rendered.

                        23,000 x $500.00 =s ....................................$11,500,000.00


F.         Transitional shares available for New General Partners.

            49,000 – 2,000 (1244 Stock) = 47,000.


            Ledger book value =s 47,000 x $500.00 =s ..........$23,500,000.00


G.        Phase II & IV Acquisition - current ledger value is $5,000.00 per share. Note: No shares or acquisitions are currently scheduled. Number of outstanding shares =s 100,000.  Ledger book value =s 100,000 x $5,000.00 =s $500,000,000.00            


7.         Vote & Resolution needed to establish Acquisition Committee to investigate and obtain documents for the following approved acquisitions by type. Please note: the overwhelming majority of acquisitions must be able to provide immediate benefits to shareholders.    


            A.        Grocery store/s - Phase I 

            B.        Gasoline station/s - Phase I

            C.        Office building for Unity headquarters

            D.        Dollar store/s - Phase I

            E.        Franchises or restaurant/s (all kinds and types

                       with mass market appeal) - Phase I

            F.        Clothing store/s - Phase I

            G.        Abandoned properties for renovation or demolition

                        for new construction - Phase II

            H.        Residential housing - Phase IV

            I.          Mobile homes – single or doublewide for rental

                        purposes. - Phase IV

            J.         Commercial real estate for rental purposes - Phase IV

            K.        Land for future development - Phase V

            L.         Manufacturing plant/s and/or factory/ies and/or

                        companies - Phase V

            M.        Unique restaurants for franchising purposes - Phase V

            N.        Automotive supply and parts store/s - Phase I

            O.        Furniture and/or Appliance stores - Phase I

            P.        Automobile repair services - Phase I

            Q.        Diesel engine repair services - Phase I or V

            R.        Trucking companies and/or distribution, warehousing

                        or storage - Phase V

            S.        Bus line/s and/or cruise lines - Phase V

            T.        Bank, Credit Union, Finance and/or loan company

            U.        Cellular tower acquisition or erection - Phase III

            V.        Recycling company or plant - Phase V

            W.       Industrial Park/s and/or office park/s - Phase V

            X.        Apartment complexes - Phase IV

            Y.        Motel/s and/or Hotel/s - Phase V

            Z.        Strip malls in high traffic areas - Phase I or V


                                      (End of page) -4- 


8.         Vote & Resolution on number of members for the Acquisition Committee.


            A.        Vote & Resolution on qualifications for members.


            B.        Vote & Resolution on compensation for members.


9.         Vote & Resolution on Prospectuses for Acquisitions.


A.        Vote & Resolution of Prospectus Package, i.e., type or kind of acquisitions to be included.


B.        Vote & Resolution on documents to be included in the Prospectus package.


10.       Vote & Resolution to resume expanding the number of General Partners for acquisition purposes. Number of partners is based on the size of the acquisition.


            A.        Vote & Resolution on Administration Fee. (Currently $100.00)


            B.        Vote & Resolution on Processing Fee. (Currently $50.00)


C.        Vote & Resolution on whether to include continuous funding provision. The continuous funding provision is used to maintain the office, janitorial services, pay bills, taxes, provide for petty cash, pay permanent staff and to maintain the solvency of the corporation. 


1.         Continuous funding is based on the monthly cost of operations divided by the number of owners. For example: If monthly cost of operations is $1,500.00 a month. This would be $1,500.00 divided by 500 shareholders equals $3 a month per share holder for continuous funding.


2.         The continuous funding provision can also be a set monthly fee, i.e., $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00. Please note: Continuous funding should not exceed $20.00 a month. {Click here to review Seed Capital}


(End of page) -5-

One of the primary reasons why the Acquisition Committee is interested in the old First Citizen's Bank building at the corner of Russell Street and Broughton is because it has a vault. This location will be ideal for another Unity LLC., Unity Financial Services, LLC. {Click here to review Unity is internally structured to be a holding company}


No Resolutions Available For August 17, 2015



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