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An Open Letter

To Invitees To This Website Or Any

African American That Is A Leader of Any Organization

Website Completed: July 4, 2015

The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

First:  Let's be clear about this so that you and everyone you know can stop wasting valuable time and financial resources. As an Invitee to this website, you will have access to the information written on its web pages that will require you to take action; either introspectively, intelligently by researching the true state of Black America and the future of your children, or by learning more about the real power in America - corporations. Even the state and town you live in, work in and will eventually die in... is a corporate entity. Your Church, Synagogue/Synagog, Mosque or Temple is also a corporate entity if it is located in America and you are a member of it. America's current government and every major organized entity your mind can think of that exist in America; whether specifically indentified and stated or not, is a corporate entity; either for profit, non-profit or Humanitarian. {Click here for the legal definition of a corporation


 Corporations exist in law. Therefore, you must view them in law, understand them as law and use law to own, manage or operate one; either individually or collectively as an organized group. The Bottom Line is: A corporation is a legal person or entity whether you know it or not or believe it or not.... and you can create one or participate in one. Those that understand this, organize themselves in order to collectively earn millions, billions and trillions of dollars. This income and influence is then used to protect them, their families and assets; as well as, direct legislation at all levels of government that will also benefit and protect corporate owners - the Shareholders - especially when the corporation is big enough and control billions or trillions in assets or have billions in cash on hand - like African America's New Age Corporations™.


Therefore, we challenge you and/or anyone you might know... or know of... as well as, anyone else from anywhere on earth and/or from anywhere in the known or unknown universe and/or from any dimension that might exist, (that modern science has no way of proving does not exist), to present a better economic development strategy, system, concept or program or for this discussion...any economic development strategy, system, program or concept that can compete with New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporatons™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, as an economic development engine for African America in the here and now. {Click here to read the report - The Black Family is Worst Off Today Than in the 1960's} As far as religious philosophy goes...you do not need money or assets in Heaven (with or without 72 virgins), when you reach the state of Nirvana or the planet Kolob (Mormons), in Valhalla or in any other final resting place after your physical life on earth is over. However, your children will and their children, if you have any children that survive you or have friends or relatives with children. {Click here to read the Plight of Black America} {Click here to read America Ignoring Black Youth's Plight}


Second, The Undeniable Facts and Truth: Currently; in 2016 and for 100 years prior to 2016, African Americans as a collective ethnic group, own no major banks, industries, distribution facilities, factories or plants, no research and development facilities, companies or corporations, no competitive institutions, no competitive technology companies or corporations and no major companies involved in discovering new natural resources or raw material/s for industrial development or for maintaining a technologically oriented and advanced modern, post industrial, and/or industrial society, country or civilization. {Click here to read - Bamboozlizing Black America} Therefore, constantly blaming White people or your slave heritage for this collective failure is unproductive, self-limiting and intellectually destructive; especially since, you now have access to New Age Capitalism™'s innovative asset acquisition concept, that can mobilize financial resources on a massive scale, at competitive levels and have the innate ability to economically and politically empower 30 million people for the first time in their history in Western civilization. {Click here to read a New York Times Article: Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn} {Click here to read "44 Facts About The Death of the Middle Class That Every American Should Know"}


Third: Like New Age Capitalism™, whatever economic engine you devise must be able to grow rapidly without any government subsidies or legislation, minority set asides and without any political pandering or voting in "Goose Step" with a Democrat, Republican or any other political party and/or ideology. All a New Age Corporation™ requires is a level playing field; on which any and all corporate entities can exist in a competitive national and international environment. {Click here for Merriam Webster's definition of "Goose Step" @ #2}


Fourth: Like New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, whatever economic growth and development engine you devise, must be able to use existing laws that have been here since 1933 to fund and establish 100 or more New Age Corporations™ with combined assets or cash on hand of 50 Billion Dollars or more and be capable of doing it in 5 years or less.  {Click here to review the Securities Act of 1933} {Click here to read "Black Nations Are Failures"}


 Fifth:  Like New Age Capitalism™, it mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, whatever economic and development engine you devise must be able to use financial resources that currently exist within the African American community. The aforementioned 50 billion dollars only represent 10% of the 500.7 billion that "White America" allowed to flow into and out of the African American community in 2014 and is still flowing into and out of the African American community as of 2015.  {Click here to learn how Black America has little to show for $507 billion spent in 2014}


Sixth: Like  New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™ and its by-product, New Age Thinking, whatever economic development engine you devise must effectively eliminate Black America's excuse for its failure to establish corporate enterprises at meaningful levels that can acquire income producing assets on a meaningful scale and provide additional political leverage and clout that can address the needs of Black America efficiently, proficiently and effectively. {Click here to read an article @ the Huffington Post about Economic Inequality}


If you have no personal system, program, concept or strategy or know of no system, program, concept or strategy that can accomplish the afore stated objectives... then... continue reading and educate yourself relative to New Age Capitalism™, its ensuing New Age Corporations™ and the necessary New Age Thinking that must happen in order produce long term benefits for African America, for our children that are living now and for our great grand children that will be born in the future. What has been lacking for years is the vision and the means to create an economic development engine for Black America, that is based on the economic reality of Black America. Finally: New Age Capitalism™ and only New Age Capitalism™ can trace its roots and implementational strategy to the first Million Man March of 1995. {Click here to review the History Behind Unity's 1244 Stock from the end of 1995 into 1996


It is now 2015. Soon, it will be 2016. After 20years, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's, Nation of Islam is planning another Million Man March. Unity’s General Partners, Affiliates and Shareholders are about to enter the history books for a second time. In 1995, based on Otis Harrison's concept, Unity International, Inc., is still the only African American corporation that emerged from the Million Man March of 1995 that ever had the opportunity to own an entire national chain of franchises – Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips. In addition, Unity still has a cash net worth of fifty million dollars due to the ledger value of its Capital Stock [100,000 shares x $500.00 = $50,000,000.00.] {Click here for an update on the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March}


Based on New Age Capitalism™, and if they had George Sistrunk's ©Transition Documents, any New Age Corporation™ can use existing SEC regulations to capitalize to $500,000,000.00 in the next 30 – 36 months. In Unity's Phase II & IV asset acquisition programs; due to an additional 100,000 shares with a ledger value of $5,000.00 per share [100,000 x $5,000 = $500,000,000.00] capitalization to this dollar amount is possible in a relatively short period of time. This is in addition to the $50,000,000.00 capitalization value that is already in the ledger book. Unfortunately, no other African American Corporation can capitalize at this rate because no other African American Corporation has copyrighted Transition Documents that are based on New Age Capitalism™, Regulation D's Rule 506 & 17 CFR § 230.506. {Click here & scroll down the page to learn more about George Sistrunk's copyrighted Transitional Documents} {Click here to review and study 17 CFR} {§ 230.501} {Click here to review and study 17 CFR} {§ 230.506} {Click here to learn how George Sistrunk's ©Transition Documents "Substantially Comply" with Regulation D's Rule 506}


Unlike the majority of the world's corporations and the top 10 African American Corporations that include; but is not limited to, World Wide Technology Inc., CAMAC International Corp., Bridgewater Interiors LLC., ACT-1 Group, ZeroChaos, MV Transportation Inc., TAG Holdings LLC., Barden Cos. Inc., Bridgeman Foods Inc., and the RLJ Cos... Shareholders own New Age Corporations and govern their affairs. And like these corporations and all others, A New Age Corporation's wealth is based on the value of its stock and assets.  {Click here to learn more about America's top ten African American corporations.}


New Age Capitalism™ mandates New Age Corporate™ structures that are based entirely on the economic reality of the Black community and the needs of America’s Black population. Even though huge numbers of Black Americans like to pretend they are doing so well in America, the facts are simply this: America's Black population will never have huge numbers of people earning $100,000.00 to $200,000.00 a year. In fact, America’s Black population is totally dependent on other ethnic groups; most notably, Western & Eastern Europeans, the English ("White Anglo-Saxon Protestant"/WASP), the Chinese, Japanese, Indians from India, Koreans, Saudi Arabians, Iranians, the Jews and now the Vietnamese, just to name a few... for our survival. Therefore, whatever economic success Black America enjoys is based on, the resources and generosity of others, and not on any major economic development concepts or strategies that come from African Americans. Getting more government assistance, a larger welfare check, more food stamps or free phones is not an economic development strategy. {Click here & scroll down the page to learn more about New Age Capitalism™.}


New Age Capitalism™, its mandated New Age Corporations™, and its by-product, New Age Thinking are the only economic development engine that originated in the African American community that has international capabilities. New Age Capitalism™ is the only viable method that can create over 100 New Age Corporations™ out of the 500 plus billion dollars of spending that Black America mostly wasted in 2014 on non asset producing products and/or services. This 500 billion dollars did not and does not come from the Black community or from Black owned industries. In addition, America’s government has already spent trillions of dollars on educating, increasing opportunities and improving the lives of Black people and the vast majority of Black Americans are in a financial condition that is worse than it was in 1965.


Every debilitating statistic can still be found in Black America and this is after 50 years of concerted effort at improvement. Consequently, government income from food stamps to minority set asides, at every conceivable level, type and kind is the norm, not the exception. It has become so pervasive, until the average Black American is afflicted with an entitlement mentality, that other ethnic communities can no longer afford or tolerate. {Click here to review how Black Americans spend 507 billion annually.} {Click here & scroll down the page for the definition of New Age Capitalism™.}


Based on the verifiable fact that Black America spent over 507 billion dollars in 2014 with virtually nothing spent on funding corporations for asset acquisition, if properly managed, 100 or more New Age Corporations™ can be fully funded and operational in a single year after startup by using New Age Capitalism™ and George Sistrunk's ©Transitional Documents.  100 New Age Corporations™ x 100,000 share owners = 10,000,000 (10 million) people that collectively own 100 New Age Corporations™ x $800.00 capitalization including fees = $8,000,000,000.00 (8 billion dollars) in cash assets for acquisition purposes. This is less than 2% of the 507 billion spent in 2014. What if it were increased to 5%, 10% or 20% of the money spent?


As you can plainly see, the problem in the Black community is not a lack of resources, it's massive mismanagement of available resources, inept leadership, misguided political alliances, unproductive and detrimental philosophical belief systems and a persistent lack of vision. {Click here to read this misguided and ill conceived report on Black America's lack of financial resources.} {Click Proverbs 29:18, KJV} This $800.00 capitalization model is based on the 1995 and 2015 analysis of available discretionary income in a small town like Orangeburg. Other Black communities might not be as limited and might not need as many shareholder owners to reached desired funding levels to maximize profit making potential. {Click here & scroll down the page to learn more about the advantages of New Age Capitalism's™ Philosophy for the Black community in general.}


All the preaching and shouting about touch it, name it, and claim it... have not and will not improved the lives or the condition of millions of African Americans. All the preaching and shouting about prosperity breakthroughs at higher levels from America’s Evangelical Pulpits and congregations on how GOD is working in your situation to raise you to a higher level for your prosperity breakthrough seemingly overlook what GOD said in the very beginning.


(a) “be fruitful and multiply.....” {Click Genesis 1:28, KJV} [No where will you find in the KJV Biblical Text... be unfruitful and multiply.]


(b)  “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge...”

{Click Hosea 4:6, KJV}....and...., [Nowhere in the KJV Biblical Text will you find the people are destroyed for the lack of information. Billions have access to all kinds of information. Having knowledge is a reality that is entirely different. My people literally means people of the faith are destroyed for their lack of knowledge.]


(c)Occupy till I come." {Click Luke 19:13, KJV} [Nowhere in the KJV Biblical Text will you find this reference to anything else or to any other activity.]


(d) "Where there is no vision, the people perish.." {Click Proverbs 29:18, KJV} [Nowhere in the KJV Biblical Text will you find the people with vision perish or that vision is limited to members of the Christian Church or Christian or Jewish faith.]


(e) "....Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." {Click Habakkuk 2:2, KJV} [Nowhere in the KJV Biblical Text will you find the vision that is written down is limited to members of the Christian Church or members of the Christian or Jewish faith.]


Therefore, how can members of America's and the world's Black Christian community expect all these breakthroughs and for GOD to work in their individual and/or collective situations when they are not even following the commands, insights and instructions that are given? A VISION can mean among other things a vivid concept like "many paying a little", that has been expanded to New Age Capitalism™. Being FRUITFUL means among other things, to be productive, constructive, profitable, successful, gainful and/or effective. OCCUPY means among other things, to engage in banking, trade, commerce and/or business. Where is this happening to any appreciable degree in the African American Christian and/or non Christian communities? {Click here for Strong's translation of Occupy.}


Marching in the streets of America for more government programs for Black America is a waste of time. America is already heavily in debt to foreign countries and more government programs to increase the ignorance levels and dependency of Black America on the Democratic Party or any other Political Party and/or Politician/s, will not solve Black America’s economic woes. In fact, more government dependency will slowly but surely hasten the demise of what is left of America’s predominately Black communities. Rioting, looting and burning down the only businesses in the community, in which you live, are also unproductive and destructive. Black people are not the only ethnic group in America... and the rest of America’s ethnic populations are getting just a little bit tired of this kind of mindless. savage or barbaric behavior. This sudden explosion of violence against Black people in police custody might be the precursor of a major shift in attitude and tolerance.  {Click here to see America’s mounting debt.} {Click here for an update on police brutality from October 22nd.Org.}


Otis Harrison’s concept of "many paying a little to fund corporate enterprises that they collectively own, manage and operate" is the only viable and workable strategy that can produce immediate and long lasting positive results. New Age Capitalism™ mandates that those who put up the money shall collectively own and share the profits. Considering the economic state of the Black community, it is also the only viable long term economic strategy for Black America. Surely, when hundreds of thousands of Black Americans collectively own profitable business enterprises and income producing properties, they are not going to be rioting, looting and burning down the income producing assets they own. And, they are going to do whatever is necessary to stop anyone else from looting and burning down their profit making businesses and income producing properties. {Click here to see the BBC's report on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.} {Click here to see CNN's report on the riots in Baltimore, Maryland.}


Oraangeburg's New Age Corporation is limited to 200,000 owners and to approximately 6.5 Billion in annual income for shareholders. Therefore, thanks to New Age Capitalism™, there is room on this planet for 100 more New Age Corporations, each with 100,000 shareholders that own the corporation and its income producing assets. Rather than have another unproductive Million Man March, it is far better and wiser to have millions of shareholders owning major corporations. The bravery and courage of Orangeburg's New Age Corporation shareholders and owners must be duplicated over and over and become the standard for corporate growth and development in Black America, rather than the exception.  Rioting, looting, burning and millions of African Americans perpetually living on government programs will eventually lead to a backlash with devastating and perhaps violent and/or deadly results. {Click here to read this article on the "White Backlash".} {Click here for SBPDL's article.}


After goals are reached of 100,000 shareholders in our franchise and business acquisition program, 100,000 shareholders in our residential property development and acquisition program and 100,000 units renting for $360.00 a month that equals $420,000,000 annually, an association will share the acquisition programs and concepts. Naturally, New Age Capitalism™ will not work effectively without ©Transition Documents, therefore, these documents and concepts will be franchised or licensed for usage. George M. Sistrunk has agreed to share his revolutionary ©Transition Documents with any group from anywhere in the world, that is a licensed or franchised by UICI™'s Standing Committee. {Click here to read Top 25 FAQs about UICI.}


Based on verifiable facts that you will see and read at this website or others linked to it... and based on Black America's historical reality, it is in the best financial interest of Black people living in South Carolina and anywhere else in America, to stop wasting what little financial resources we do have and to start saving our money now; so we can collectively fund, build and own as many New Age Corporations™ as possible, as fast as possible and acquire as many income producing assets as soon as possible. If not for ourselves, then for our children and their future.


UII & UICI Invitation Only


 A Restricted Website Courtesy of Independent Marketing Group.Ws for UII2 during the process of re-educating and/or informing the interested few that are not directly and/or indirectly affiliated with a New Age Corporation™. As a Shareholder/owner of in a New Age Corporation™ entity, you have Legal Rights. A New Age Corporation™ exists for its Shareholders/Owners. You collectively financed it. Therefore, you own it, control its destiny and you collectively must protect your owner-ship interest. Do Not Ever Forget That. 

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