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New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations - The Real Salvation Of African America

New Age Capitalism™ Versus

Black Capitalism / Black Business Welfare


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

By: George M. Sistrunk


First and foremost, unlike Black Capitalism, New Age Capitalism's bottom up funding of many paying a little to capitalize corporate enterprises that they collectively own is not a myth or a pipe dream. At its roots, Black Capitalism is no more or less than another Black American Welfare program that is based on government subsidies and/or minority set asides for Black owned business enterprises. Accordingly, Black Capitalism is a myth and a pipe dream because there is no genuine infrastructure to support it or sustain it and there is no real political incentive to subsidize failing Black owned enterprises.


As already stated at this website, Black America owns no major banks, industries, distribution facilities, factories or plants, research and development companies or corporations, competitive technology companies or corporations and no major companies involved in discovering new natural resources of raw material/s for industrial development or maintaining a high technologically oriented, based and advanced modern, post industrial and/or industrial society, country or civilization.  {Click here for Wikipedia's article on Black Capitalism}


In addition, based on the accepted definition of Capitalism, Black America does not and will not own the means of production and the distribution capacity that are necessary to generate billions in revenue. New Age Capitalism™'s asset acquisition development model is the only viable means that has any hope of Black Americans participating in the ownership and control of the means of production. Therefore, this notion of Black Capitalism being real and/or genuine is just that...a notion.


 New Age Capitalism™ is based on verifiable African American economic reality and not on any “I have dream.” What little financial resources that exist in the African American community can best be utilized by combining them for asset acquisition by Black owned New Age Corporations™. New Age Corporations™ will have the financial capacity to acquire assets in any competitive market environment from which, the Black community as a collective entity can realize financial benefits. {Click here to Read the History of Robert Reed Church, i.e., the Solvent Savings Bank - the First Black owned bank in America}


As financial resources grow from income producing assets from around the world, meaningful investments can now be made in predominantly Black communities or in any other community, in which, rejuvenation and/or renovation can produce a potential for continued growth and development. With a community growing, instead of deteriorating and dying, the infrastructure to sustain long term viability can be firmly established. This facilitates the circulation of money within the Black community, rather than out of the Black community. The longer money circulates within a community the stronger and more viable that community becomes. {Click here for a history of Highland Beach, Maryland}


Unlike Black Capitalism that will be; almost, totally dependent on government subsidies and/or set asides and/or supporting Democratic and /or Rebublican politicians for its survival because Black people do not fullly support Black owned enterprises; except for funeral homes, restaurants, liquor stores and hair salons and/or barber shops, New Age Capitalism™ does not need or rely any government subsidy program and the only political and/or legislative support it needs is a level playing field that applies to any and all corporate entities.


Therefore, New Age Capitalism™ creates genuine hope and opportunity where none currently exist. In addition, every major ethnic group in America has a nation that can provide additional political leverage and support. The Chinese have China, the Japanese have Japan, the Koreans have South and/or North Korea, the Irish have Ireland and the list goes on. Even native Americans can rely on political leverage and support from their respective nations. There is no nation to which Black America can rely on for additional leverage and political support. {Click here to learn more about Kwanza}


Therefore, based on verifiable facts that you have seen and read at this website and Black America's historical reality, it is in the best financial interest of Black people living in South Carolina and anywhere else in America, to stop wasting what little financial resources we do have and to start saving our money now; so we can collectively fund, build and own as many corporations as possible, as fast as possible and acquire as many income producing assets as soon as possible. If not for ourselves, then for our children and their future. {Click here for a study of Social Entreprenuership}

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