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A New Age Corporation Vs Your Average American Corporation
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New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations - The Real Salvation Of African America

A New Age Corporation™ Vs

Your Average American Corporation


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

A New Age Corporation™

Is Not Your Average American Corporation


It is important to remember how and why a New Age Corporation™ differs from every other corporation in America. New Age Corporations™ are based on New Age Capitalism™'s "many paying a little". With a $500.00 participation fee, a non refundable $200.00 administration fee and a $100.00 nonrefundable processing fee, any working man and/or woman in the State of South Carolina; or from anywhere else on the planet, can participate in business ownership, asset acquisition and profit sharing. This is done collectively rather than individually. New Age Corporation™ Shareholders are directly involved in the decision making process by contributing insights as to what business format and/or idea can work successfully in their market environment. Because it may take 2 or 3 years before a business realizes a profit after expenses and taxes, Unity’s and New Age Corporate™ stock stays with the individual and his/her family during the growth and development process.


In New Age Corporations™, the Board of Directors and the Shareholders are a collective unit with shared and equal responsibility for corporate growth and expansion. The Board and Shareholders work together; rather than separately, to ensure long term viability. Business ideas and/or concepts are passed on to the Board of Directors for research, evaluation and/or development. If the evaluation and research process produces a viable business venture with profit making potential, it is presented to the Shareholders for an up or down vote.  Shareholder’s first-hand knowledge and experience in their communities are priceless corporate assets and the direction UII and/or a New Age Corporation™ takes; relative to a business acquisition, is dictated by their votes. No other corporate concept exists that can help hourly wage earners own businesses like a New Age Corporation™, and its innovative and creative business acquisition and development concepts.


New Age Corporations™ can began with franchise acquisition because of the advantages that are inherent in franchise ownership. Franchises are only the tip of a iceberg. In a New Age Corporation™, Shareholders collectively make the decisions and the Board of Directors implement what the Shareholders have decided. Therefore, all the activities, knowledge and expertise required to develop and manage the business enterprises are agreed upon by a majority vote. The Boards of all New Age Corporations™ exist to benefit the Shareholders. Shareholders do not exist to benefit the Board of Directors. The Board and Shareholders exist to benefit each other and the community in general. The more benefits, profits and wealth a New Age Corporation™ earns or generates for Shareholders, the more income New Age Corporations™ earn as distinct corporate entities.


Unlike, your average corporation, a NO vote for a business acquisition at Unity or a New Age Corporation™ is vitally important. When a Shareholder casts a NO vote, it is important to the Board of Directors and other Shareholders to find out why. A Shareholder that votes NO, might have valuable insights that the majority have not foreseen, overlooked or he/she/they might have information that he/she/they have discovered that could have a devastating impact on an approved project. Thus, every NO vote, is another way to improve a New Age Corporation™'s business development model/s before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions just to discover, the Shareholders that voted NO, were right all along. Therefore, the Nays are just as important as the Ayes.


In addition, every share of a New Age Corporation™'s stock is a vote. One share equals (1) one vote, 10 shares....10 votes, and 1,000 shares...a 1,000 votes. This is why the Nays are important. An individual with 10,000 shares automatically has more votes than an individual with one share. 10,000 voting shares can stalemate a project and...for other than...personal reasons. Consequently, to balance the voting field before a venture is funded, Unity’s Board and the Board of every New Age Corporation™ will always find out the reasons why a Shareholder/s voted NO, especially a NO vote from a Shareholder with a huge number of shares.


It is also important to remember the SEC’s requirements for “accredited investors”, automatically eliminate huge segments of the American population from ever participating in start up business ventures that might have huge profit making potential. Therefore, a New Age Corporation™'s innovative transitioning concept from does not eliminate anybody. In fact, New Age Capitalism™'s simple system allows thousands, if not millions to participate in business acquisition, ownership, market development, growth and enjoy the benefits of sharing the risk and profits with like minded others at the Founder's level.


Let us be adults about this. Starting a business venture is a risky proposition for a corporation, a partnership and especially for an individual. New Age Capitalism™ is an acquisition strategy that effectively minimizes the risk factor by dividing it among many shareholders and the Board of Directors. Therefore, New Age Acquisition™ gives every Shareholder the potential of experiencing high upside gain or profit making potential with minimal individual downside risk. Since the fear of loss is always greater than the desire for gain, a New Age Corporation™ strikes the perfect balance between the fear of loss or risk and the desire for gain or profits.


Finally, to put the icing on a New Age Corporation™'s cake, when profits are high enough to pay after taxes and expenses, every individual's profit share...that is payable annually, is divided equally....based on the number of shares owned. And since a New Age Corporation™'s shares are not for sale, as a direct result of this feature, insider traders will never be able to manipulate the value of a New Age Corporation™'s stock to benefit the few at the expense of the many. Accordingly, a NO vote on a proposed venture that looks great, from the Board’s initial investigation, could very well be a manipulation from insiders the NO voters can prove with information that was either unknown, or known....only by a few. And one of the few, just happened to be a best friend’s, uncle’s, neighbor's, girlfriend’s, cousin who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


Therefore, based on verifiable facts that you have seen and read at this website and Black America's historical reality, it is in the best financial interest of Black people living in South Carolina and anywhere else in America, to stop wasting what little financial resources we do have and to start saving our money now; so we can collectively fund, build and own as many corporations as possible, as fast as possible and acquire as many income producing assets as soon as possible. If not for ourselves, then for our children and their future.

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