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New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations - The Real Salvation Of African America

New Age Capitalism™

Versus The Black Middle Class


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

The Future of Black America


The Future of Black America is dependent on millions understanding and accepting the most important reality that the severely flawed economic and social systems of communism and/or socialism will never benefit the vast majority of Black Americans or the vast majority of any other group that believes in these philosophies. This is proven by the rejection of socialism and communism in every nation on earth in which the advocates of socialism and communism have seized power and control. The people in everyone of these nations; either secretly or openly, want to rid themselves of these governments, their sponsors and their supporters that live well, while they struggle to keep a roof over their heads and food on the proverbial table. {Click here to understand why Socialism is failing.}


The people that support these regimes and their rise to power fail to read the books written by the proponents of these governing philosophies or fail to accept the undeniable fact that there is absolutely nothing in the Communist Manifesto that states or even hints that the communists will be subjected to the same laws, rules, regulations and mandates they impose on others. The same is true for advocates of socialism. There is nothing in any socialist doctrine or dogma that states the socialists will be subjected to the edicts they impose on others.  If this were true, China, Cuba, North Korea, Western and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and many other countries with this governing philosophy would be paradises on earth...and they are not.


The same is true for politicians in America today that prey on the collective ignorance of the Black American population. These modern day carpetbaggers and political misfits have no interest in ending poverty or doing anything for Black America; except to use America's Black population as a springboard for their own political ambitions of power, wealth and influence. The progressives and socialist operating today have learnedhow to exploit and transform,in a Predatorial Capitalistic way, the failures of America's government policies and the collective ignorance and failures of the American people in to policies, programs and income that benefit the few, and only the few at the expense of and to the detriment of the many.


This is proven by America's and the entire western world's expenditures on poverty programs. After trillions of dollars spent on education, training and social programs, the poor are poorer now than they ever were before the money was spent. If Western governments would have given the trillions to the poor, rather than spend it on programs for the poor, the world’s poor would have been much better off. If ending poverty were the objective, rather than political power and influence, the war on poverty would have been won years ago. Accordingly, the advent of communism and socialism and its failed and failure prone economic philosophy can be traced and blamed directly on the failures of government philosophy and policy and not on the Capitalists or Bourgeoisie during the 16th -18th centuries. {Click here to see the book: The Mystery of Capital, Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else.}


When it comes to Black America, the longer we wait to develop and implement social and political systems that are supported by solid economic principles, methods, procedures and concepts, our collective condition in America and the rest of the world will continue to deteriorate. For generations, Black people occupied a significant role as a vast army of unskilled laborers and/or semi-educated lower level functionaries. These people are no longer needed in a high tech industrialized society.


New machines and technology are rapidly reducing the need to maintain millions of uneducated, semi-educated and/or unskilled workers that are not trained in the technologies of the future. This is not acting or being “White”.  Acting or being "White" is a new destructive mental affliction; as well as, an equally destructive self defeating philosophy that has entered the mindset of many young Black Americans. Learning about and developing efficiency and proficiency; when it comes to developing and using technology, is also not about acting or being “Japanese”, “Chinese” and/or “Korean”. This is simply accepting the undeniable reality and fact that technology and technological innovation are the wave of the future and those without a means to acquire assets from technological innovations to protect themselves and their children will be left behind; or even worse, eliminated.


The verifiable reality is the current Black Middle Class will eventually die out and not be replaced. Political power without economic power is analogous to having a car without an engine. No matter how good the car looks on the inside and outside, the undeniable reality of failing to put in an engine, simply means the car is not going anywhere. African America has no engine for economic development and growth, therefore, the Black Middle Class is not going anywhere and neither is the Black community. Without an economic engine, a Black Middle Class is not sustainable for the long term. If Black America believes America’s other ethnic groups are going to keep millions of Black Americans on welfare or in cost intensive prisons for another generation, they are sadly mistaken.


Hardly anyone, it seems, wants to admit the truth: nearly a half-century of financial, political and social gains are being reversed, perhaps permanently, and the post-civil rights era may come to resemble Reconstruction’s fleeting progress. “The whole premise of the civil rights movement was to give our children a better future than we had. But it’s all going backwards,” said Marian Wright Edelman, a veteran of that movement, adding: “We face the worst crisis since slavery.”" Steven Gray {Click here to read his entire article: Can the Black Middle Class Survive?}


Without an economic engine or power source to sustain a Black Middle Class beyond the lifespan of its current members, there is no real hope of another Black Middle Class existing in America’s future. The other players in America’s political and economic arena are poised to replace the Black Middle Class and they are replacing us slowly but surely. When you examine the facts relative to schools and communities that are predominantly Black, and having primarily Black Democratic politicians in positions all over America has not improved schools, communities, increased opportunity or expanded the Black Middle Class. In fact, the opposite is true. Could it be having high profile Black politicians; Democrat or Republican, and entertainers on display is analogous to putting new tires on a car that has no engine? The car has display value, but as a means of getting you somewhere or taking you somewhere, the car is practically worthless as a means of independent mobility. {Click here to read: the Disappearing Black Middle Class}


This begs the question. Where has the Black Christian Church taken the African American community or the Black Middle Class? Where has the Nation of Islam or Al-Islam taken the Black Community or the Black Middle Class? Where has Black politicians taken the African American community or the Black Middle Class? Where has the Black Middle Class taken themselves or the African American community? And....Where has Black entertainers and professional athletes taken the African American community or the Black Middle Class? The answer is NO WHERE!! What economic engine has any member of this highly esteemed and high profile group developed in the past 50 years, 20 years, 10 years or in the last 5 years that can sustain a Middle Class or a community of over 30 million people? The answer is...NONE!!


New Age Capitalism™, effectively destroys the misguided notion and belief that there is no money in African America for corporate development. By using resources that already exist, New Age Capitalism™ can propel the African American community forward by putting an economic engine in place that can effectively compete around the world and enable millions of African Americans to participate in corporate ownership and the economic empowerment that comes with it. Black America spends over 500 Billion dollars annually on depreciating commodities and non income producing assets. What if this process were reversed? And the 500 billion was spent on appreciating commodities and income producing assets?

I am sure anyone with reasonable intelligence can readily see the difference 100 New Age Corporations™  can make and will make in the lives of America’s Black population, now and in the future. Therefore, based on verifiable facts and Black America's historical reality, it is in the best financial interest of Black people living in South Carolina and anywhere else in America, to stop wasting what little financial resources we do have and to start saving our money now; so we can collectively fund, build and own as many corporations as possible, as fast as possible and acquire as many income producing assets as soon as possible. If not for ourselves, then for our children and their future.

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