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New Age Thinking, New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations - The Real Salvation Of African America

New Age Capitalism™

Vs Communism Or Marxism And/Or Socialism


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

Since New Age Corporations™ are not your average American corporations and currently Black America owns no major corporations, we must examine the ideas, concepts, precepts and/or philosophies that might be floating around in the minds of African Americans that have hindered our economic development for years and will continue to hinder it for years to come if not removed. Since this website is concerned with presenting reliable information to re-instate Unity, so that Unity can reach its desired goals and/or objectives, it will be necessary to address all the major philosophies that might hinder this process. We have already addressed the failed and failure prone philosophies of "Reparations for Slavery" and "Black Capitalism" at this website. [Click links to review] Communism or Marxism and/or Socialism are additional major philosophies that can hinder or neutralize the economic growth and development of the Black community. {Click here to review why "Reparations for Slavery" has failed and will continue to fail as an income strategy or philosophy.} {Click here to review why "Black Capitalism" has failed and will continue to fail as an economic development strategy or philosophy.}


Remember: What a New Age Corporation™ is. Every New Age Corporation™ is a corporation that is based on New Age Capitalism™ of "many paying a little to finance major corporate entities in which those that put up the money own the corporations". The Board of Directors work for those that put up the money. The purpose of these mega New Age Corporations™ is to acquire income producing assets on a massive scale for its owners – the shareholders that has the innate ability to be transformed into capital. For the first time in the history of Black America, Black people have a method and means to fund and own major corporate entities. Unlike the owners of the vast majority of the world’s corporations, Owners of all New Age Corporations™ will come from the ranks of the millions Black Americans that earn less than $25.00 an hour as a salary or wage, on fixed income and are not participants or Founders in any major corporate entity that has the economic power to protect them and their families; financially and politically.


The overwhelming majority of Black Americans and everyone else in this income range and/or category, will never earn $200,000.00 a year working in their current jobs or positions. This cannot and will not be done because paying wages and salaries at this level to hundreds of thousands of lower skilled workers is cost prohibitive. Therefore, no Black American or anyone else that is employed as a government worker in the lower levels or working in factories or plants, department stores, convenient stores, restaurants or being a brick layer, welder, plumber, sheet metal mechanic, electrician or an equipment operator on a construction site, driving trucks, teaching school, working in hospitals, barbershops, beauty salons, flower shops, delivering mail, serving in the armed forces and/or in law enforcement as semi-skilled or skilled laborers will ever earn $200,000.00 a year. The aforementioned are a just a few of the many occupations that will never have access to the ownership level of a major corporate entity. Therefore, under current law, Black Americans and many others are effectively barred from participating at the Founder's level in any major corporate entity in the United States. The Founder's level has the greatest risk and the greatest potential for profit and/or gain and their ensuing financial and/or personal rewards. 


A New Age Corporation™ changes all this. Thousands, if not millions, can now participate in corporate ownership at the Founder's level. Since risk is effectively minimized across the board and throughout the corporation, the income producing assets that New Age Corporations™ acquire are held jointly by their owners. Therefore, individual risk is minimized because it is jointly experienced and shared by the many, rather than, a few. When profits and/or income from acquired assets are sufficient, they are paid to the owners on a regular basis based on the number of shares. Therefore, for years to come, the income from acquired assets can be used to improve the lives of the owners of these corporations, their families and the Black community in general; as well as, provide additional political leverage...that currently....does not exist.


Marxism or communism and socialism are diametrically opposed to this concept. There is no freedom or ownership in marxism or communism and no genuine freedom in socialism. At is its core communism and socialism are economic, political, social and religious systems in which the state or the few control and own everything. There is no such reality as private enterprise in a communist state and only limited free enterprise in a socialist state. The key word in marxism or communism and socialism is CONTROL by the communists and/or the socialist leadership, their sponsors and supporters. There will never be any legitimate control or redress for the masses of people. {Click here for an honest analysis of Communism and Socialism.}


Marxism and/or communism, since its implementation, has led to the enslavement of over a billion people and to the combine murder of millions of innocent people in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cuba, Afghanistan, China and on the African continent. Socialism has led to the dummying down of hundreds of millions in order to increase government dependency. Communism and socialism are the absolute control of the many by the few. {Click here to review the failures of Communism.}


The few being the leaders of the communist party or socialist political organizations, their sponsors and supporters. Communism opposes free enterprise and/or capitalism in any form and socialism opposes any expansion of it. To understand Marx's and Engles' revulsion and repudiation of capitalism; as well as, the repudiation of capitalism in favor of socialism by many Black people living in America, an effort must be made to help those that have been misinformed about Marx’s and Engels’ communistic philosophy and to help those that have been misinformed by politicians that advocate its twin brother - socialism. {Click here to read the Communist Manifesto for yourself.}


            The tenants and nature of marxism and/or communism and socialism must be clearly understood; so that any African American will come to realize without any doubt or question in his/her mind that even though Karl Marx, Friedrich Engles, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and the advocates of socialism may be capable people, they are not only deeply flawed, they also lack intuitive perception. When it comes to communism, this can be proven directly from the pages of the Communist Manifesto itself and from listening to anyone that advocates communism as a political and/or economic system. There is nothing in communism for the people. Whatever wealth is generated or stolen is for communism’s leaders and/or sponsors and/or supporters. The people are relegated to basic survival while the leaders and/or sponsors and/or supporters live in splendor. Even New Age Capitalism™, it mandated New Age Corporations™, and its by-product, New Age Thinking, the first ever workable economic development philosophy that originated in Black America, with all its advantages to and for the Black community, would not be allowed in a communist state.  {Click here to review the Museum of Communism.}


Communism cannot and will not allow any privately owned Black corporations that can acquire income producing assets on a massive and meaningful scale that can provide for owners, their families, the Black community and increase political leverage. What Marx and Engles were describing in the Communist Manifesto were the consequences of failed or ill conceived government policies. Millions of people; living at the time, had the absolute power to change these policies, and for whatever reason/s they told themselves and possibly others, deliberately chose not to make any changes. {Click here to learn more about Karl Marx.} {Click here to learn more about Freidrich Engles.}


When you examine Marx and Engle’s Manifesto, any human being with reasonable intelligence, will discover it is long on rhetoric and devoid of any verifiable evidence. In Marx and Engles own words, the goal of the communist is to steal the wealth of the Bourgeoisie and control the means of production that they believed was producing the wealth for the Bourgeoisie. Marx and Engles failed to realize; like many communist and socialist today, that stealing wealth and the means of production does not and will not guarantee the stolen wealth will last or that the stolen factories and plants will produce products the people want to buy. {Click here to learn more about Communist Party rule.}


Consider the following lack of evidence in the Manifesto. There is no evidence in the Manifesto that working in the factories was mandated by a government policy. There is no evidence in the Manifesto that the workers were denied an ownership interest in the factories in which they worked. There is no evidence in the Manifesto that governments enacted laws that prevented the workers from organizing themselves and building their own factories with improved conditions and better wages. There is no evidence in the Manifesto that Marx and Engles could have invented products or develop useful services themselves.


There is no evidence in the Manifesto that the changes in machinery and productivity to which the Manifesto refers were not directly related to market conditions or new scientific discoveries that required changes in production methods, models and the raw materials used in the production process. There is no evidence in the Manifesto that the people involved in product development were not the same people that previously worked on the farms or were the farmers and/or small business owners to which the Manifesto refers.      


What makes marxism or communism and socialism so appealing to poor people and intellectuals, whom many in the movement called useful idiots or useful fools, is this notion that marxism or communism, like socialism can survive by using the Robin Hood Doctrine of taking from the rich and giving to the poor or heavily taxing the rich to benefit the poor. These philosophies continue to fail miserably, because the creators and inventors of the means of production, products and/or useful services can always move their plants, factories, businesses and/or technology elsewhere. Thus, leaving the poor and their intellectual advocates in a worst economic state than they were before. {Click here to review what caused the failure of Communism.}{Click here for a study of the terms "Useful Idiots" & "Useful Fools".}

In order for a plant and/or factory or any business to survive, there must be; out of necessity, profits and/or gain for its inventors, creators and/or owners. Otherwise, the plant, factory and/or business will have to close and its workers laid off. While Marx and Engles rarely, if ever, used the noun “capitalism,” his use of the adjectives “capitalist” and “capitalistic” fastened the term on the modern economic systems of Europe and the United States." Black Americans must have clear minds and understand; as well as, accept the verifiable reality, that closed factories and plants mean no tax revenues for government, at all levels. Therefore, there is no tax revenue for the many social programs on which the poor and, especially, Black America, depend.

Closed factories and plants also mean no income for workers to maintain whatever standard of living they had before the businesses, plants and/or factories closed. Therefore, another means must be implemented that will allow the vast majority to benefit from economic development, rather than the few. This is best done by legislative action based on the needs of the many. Finally, there is no evidence in the Manifesto, that Marx or Engles spent any time talking with government leaders, local officials, factory owners, builders, machinist, repair personnel or any person/s associated with the technical requirements of building and maintaining a complex industrial operation. 

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