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The Mystery of

Unity's Early Success


The Opportunity African American Women Have Been Waiting For
New Age Capitalism & New Age Corporations
You Wanted It..Now You Have It!

1.         For almost 20 years, Orangeburg has been mystified about Unity International, Inc.’s, (hereafter called UII or Unity) phenomenal success during its first 8 months and its death spiral shortly after George Sistrunk left the company. The reason for UII’s catastrophic decline and failure after its stunning initial success, was UII’s Board of Directors dismal attempt to make UII a traditional American corporation. The failure rate of traditional American corporations in the African American community is a horror story of monumental proportions. When UII’s Board of Director’s decided to take that road, it was only a matter of time before UII was 6 feet under and R.I.P. was chiseled on the tombstone. {Click here to download the report that identifies 22 reasons why Black businesses fail.}


2.         The key to Unity’s stunning early success was and still is Otis Harrison's innovative concept of "many paying a little" and George Sistrunk's ©Transition Documents that are unique to UII. This is the same concept and the same documents that were approved and accepted by Arthur Treacher's Board of Directors, corporate attorneys and chief financial officer. How Otis Harrison's concept is transitioned into real world actuality by George Sistrunk's copyrighted documents was never understood by UII’s Board of Directors. And to date, there are no laws, federal or state, that have addressed the issue, because there is no issue to address. Otis Harrison's concept and George Sistrunk's ©Transition Documents substantially comply with federal and state law and only exist at UII and nowhere else. Hence, the absence of laws and regulations because there is nothing to regulate. How corporations are formed and capitalized is governed by state and federal laws that have been around for years. The average, educated and/or miseducated African American has simply never read the laws; and if he/she did, failed to realize, corporate structures are not for poor people or working people earning minimum wage or just above minimum wage. {Click here to review South Carolina Code of Regulations - Chapter 113}


3.         Corporate capitalization and formation are for the upper income classes and the rich. Hence, the rich get richer. So, if this is true, how does one apply corporate capitalization and formation to a population group, where few earn 200,000.00 a year? The answer is rather simple. Read the law and apply Otis Harrison's concept and use George Sistrunk's ©Transition Documents. The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) prohibits offering securities to people that are not qualified to receive information about them. That’s why UII does not offer securities. A General Partner is not a partnership. This individual is a designated classification under Regulation D, 17 CFR § 230.501(d) that clearly states; “[A] director, executive officer, or general partner of the company issuing the securities. This is an accredited investor by definition.


4.         Now, let’s define the key words:


(a) Director: A director is the head of an organization, either elected or appointed, who generally has certain powers and duties relating to management or administration. A corporation's board of directors is composed of a group of people who are elected by the shareholders to make important company policy decisions.


(b)  Executive Officer: Having, characterized by, or relating to administrative or managerial authority: One who holds an office of authority or trust in an organization, such as a corporation or government.


(c)  General Partner: Any person acting as a leader and applying strategy or tactics. One that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest.


(d)  Company: A business enterprise or firm.


(e)  Selling: To offer or have available for sale.


(f) Securities: Financial instruments, such as a stocks or bonds, representing rights of ownership or creditorship and often traded in secondary markets.


5.         Now let’s apply these definitions to a New Age Corporation™. First, there are few; if any, individuals in Orangeburg, South Carolina, pursuant to federal law, that New Age incorporators can sell stock to that earn $200,000.00 a year. Second, under the restricitions of Regulation D, New Age incorporators cannot sell any stock to the overwhelming majority of Black people living in Orangeburg county, any other county in South Carolina or anywhere else on planet earth. Well what can New Age incorporators do that will not violate any federal or state law to capitalize itself?


6.         In 2015 and beyond, Otis Harrison's concept is still viable. Instead of offering stock, a New Age Corporation™ will offer an asset acquisition program to anyone that has $500.00, plus a non refundable $200.00 administration fee and a $100.00 processing fee to participate in franchise acquisition or business acquisition. How this is done is proprietary information that cannot be openly discussed at this website. However, rest assured, the Board, will investigate, acquire and manage franchises or businesses for the individuals that have the financial resources to participate. Therefore, a New Age Corporation™’s stock can only be exchanged for participation and never sold. The person that decides to join a New Age Corporation™ in this venture will be transitioned, in 30 days or less, into a Preferred Shareholder with voting rights. He/she will receive one share of stock valued at $500.00. {Click here to learn more about Rule 504}


7.         Since these individuals have the financial resources and own the corporation; as well as, its acquired assets, a New Age Corporation™'s Board, works for them. Now, how many franchises can John or Mary purchase with $800.00? The answer is.. NONE. Now many franchises can 100,000 Johns and Marys purchase?  The answer is.... QUITE A FEW.


8.         Now, how much stock has a New Age Corporation™ sold? The answer is... NONE. How much stock was offered for sale? The answer is...NONE. Can a New Age Corporation™'s stock be resold..the answer is NO. A New Age Corporation™'s Shareholders are permanent joint owners of the corporation and any acquired assets. They financed it, they own it. A New Age Corporation™'s is never sold because owners have no interest in buying stock. Their interest is in benefits; either immediate or long term. A New Age Corporation™'s Board of Directors must abide by all the state and federal laws governing stock ownership in a corporation. John and Mary's interest is in asset acquisition, be it a franchise, a business, real estate or any other income producing asset they can acquire by pooling resources. A stock is simply the documented verification of John and/or Mary's ownership interest. {Click here to review Understanding A Private Placement Memorandum.}


Capitalization & Asset Acquisition


9.         Now that John and Mary are Shareholders in a , quite naturally, they talk to others about how a New Age Corporation™ allows them to pool limited financial resources into a corporate entity; in which, they have an ownership interest. The stock certificate is the evidence and proof of ownership. Instead of discussing stocks, John or Mary discusses asset acquisition...and how owning assets can accomplish long term financial goals and objectives. Instead of going to Billy’s Pizza Hut, they can have their own Buck's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Zaxby's Cracker Barrel, Arby's, Wendy's, Churches Fried Chicken, White Castle, Carvel Ice Cream, Soul Food Restaurants for Black American cuisine or rebuild Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises in Orangeburg or anywhere else and share in the profits therefrom. This applies to other services and businesses as well; such as Dollar Stores that have wide public appeal.  Now money circulates within the Black community, rather than out of it. This is not even the tip of Black America's developmental potential or the income producing potential of Black America's corporate iceberg and it is not even the beginning. This is only what it can look like and can be when New Age Corporations™ are operational all over America and perhaps all over the world.


10.       Through John or Mary’s efforts, 20 new Affiliates show up at a New Age Corporation™'s office, with $800.00 in hand to participate in asset acquisition programs so they too can be legally transitioned into a shareholder/owner. Now, remember the $200.00 Administration fee? $100.00 is paid to John or Mary for every participant they bring. Therefore, $100.00 x 20 equals $2,000.00. Since there are few if any income producing assets that can be obtained for $800.00, this $2,000.00 is not for offering or selling stock. This $2,000.00 is paid to John or Mary for finding like minded people that have an interest in owning a corporation that can acquire income producing assets and these people do not mind pooling resources with others to accomplish this objective in a corporate environment. In 2016, this $100.00 finder’s fee will be paid to any Field Coordinator or Board Member for finding like minded others. Thus, bringing immediate financial rewards and initiating a growth process that is self sustaining and self replicating.

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