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Spotlight On Business


You are a light for a dull and stagnating town and a dysfunctional and dying race. 287,000 Black people die every month. This is unknown to many. Like Professor Truth so aptly stated, "The average Black person is simply waiting his/her turn to die. They have no real dreams, no real ambitions, whatever life gives they accept. There is little desire to fight for something more, something better." Therefore, always strive to enter universal reality and you find the stars to light your path.

Spotlight On Business Disclaimer


The opinions expressed on the radio program, Spotlight On Business (“Spotlight”), by the Host's Guest(s), call in listeners or chatters are solely the opinions of the original source who expressed them. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of “NAPC” the creators and/or producers of Spotlight, or any Sponsor and/or Affiliate(s) of “Spotlight”.


Free thought is a philosophy not a policy. Although “Spotlight” may take stances on some issues, the show; itself, remains an educational, informational and promotional platform for local, state, national or international businesses, business ventures, professionals, sole proprietors, independent contractors, entrepreneurs and even government agencies. The purpose of Spotlight is to educate the public about products, programs and/or services that are being offered or that are available to the listening audience. However, Spotlight’s primary focus will be on promoting and introducing African American businesses to the radio audience. Spotlight gives business owners, and/or managers; including educators and/or government personnel, an opportunity to discuss their products, programs and/or services to enlighten, educate and/or inform the listening audience.


Spotlight is mindful that it is the listener, who makes the choice of whether to believe, listen or not. The opinions of Spotlight’s Guest are based on their own individual philosophy; and not on the philosophy of NAPC or on any of NAPC’s Sponsors, Community Partners and/or Affiliates. NAPC will not present anything on air that is not educational or informative. Spotlight is open to criticism or ideas for future radio programs that will educate the public. Please feel free to email us at Spotlight@gmail.com.  Thank You




Leigh T. Browne & George M. Sistrunk




Spotlight is a talk show that invites sole proprietors, public relations personnel, heads of personnel departments, business owners, business incubators, executives, managers, professionals, contractors, independent contractors, entrepreneurs and even government agencies to inform and educate the public about their products, programs and/or services; as well as, provide a medium and platform for their personal story or stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Unfortunately business people and their related stories  rarely get told on the air.


Spotlight’s aim is to bring to the listening audience; a candid discussion, whereby the listening audience can learn about people in business, their experiences and some personal history. The public wants to know about the personal struggles and victories that made them who they are now. Their loves, their fears, their wants and desires all put out in the open.


Spotlight intends to air 30 minutes a week of  information and insights that are focused on the educational value of the broadcast and the personal aspects of being in business. Spotlight’s content will cover issues and information that are impacting the local, statewide, national and/or the international business community. Spotlight is structured to be the listener’s source for  information and news relative to the business community that is on a personal level.


Spotlight’s goal is to reach the widest possible audience and the widest possible market. Those that listen to our radio show are not just an audience, they are our clients, consumers and fans.  Therefore, they deserve to have quality productions whenever they tune in. Spotlight will also include artists, singers, bands, instrumentalist, musicians, filmmakers, writers, directors, producers and/or authors with unique stories to tell. Spotlight has its' own originality, style and quality content. Spotlight  is new on the horizon. It is fresh, educational and informative.


Spotlight is committed to diversity, African American, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian and Crossover Audiences and/or any other. Spotlight will provide a positive view of the African American business community, their goals, hopes and fears. Spotlight will reach out to help and serve the people and the businesses that serve the people wherever they may be. Spotlight is providing real substance and quality content to listening audiences; thus, fulfilling a need for high standards and excellence on radio.



“Spotlight” will air weekly for 30 minutes on Sunday nights from 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. following Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk and may be re-aired once during the same week. Spotlight will be interspersed with music to maintain the interest of the listening audience. Currently, call-ins directly to Guest are not anticipated.




“Spotlight” targets the entire area that is being served by the business community to inform them and educate the market environment relative to the services, products, programs and information that are available to the listening audience. “Spotlight” intends to serve as a dynamic platform where both the business and the listening audience can have a direct connection on a business and personal level that benefits the listening audience and the business.


Radio Production Extension/Outreach


As “Spotlight” matures, we intend to take the show out of the studio and do live shows on location at area businesses.

Community Partners


Since Spotlight is still new, Elite Septic Tank Service and Unity International Company, Inc., are our only sponsors at this point in time. However, we have an aggressive campaign for obtaining sponsors, guest and advertisers.


Proposed Format, Guidelines,

Operational Procedures & Policies For The Radio Show


Date:  April 18, 2016


I.      The Purpose Of The “Spotlight On Business” Radio Show Is To:


A. Locate and identify area businesses for public exposure, information and education relative to products and/or services in order to increase public support and patronage.  Businesses can be located in any one of the following places.


                        1. On College Campuses

                        2. Local Communities

                        3. Online

                        4. Anywhere in the world (Note: When syndicated)


B. Provide a forum and audience for business owners, developers, incubators, and/ or leaders to explain business products, services and/or information that will benefit the listening audience and specifically the African American listening audience.


C. Provide a platform for in-depth discussions of the community as it relates to local business development, market potential, trends, performance and/or forecast; as well as, the Black community’s and its ability to develop businesses in the 21st Century.


II.     Mission Statement & Strategic Vision 


A.  The mission of Spotlight On Business is to work in partnership with  businesses,  educators and government to create a more informed public — one that understands, appreciates and will support the growth and development of area businesses, African American businesses, and especially New Age Corporations. To accomplish the show’s mission, New Age Production Company (NAPC) will produce, acquire, and distribute programming that meets the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression;


B.  NAPC’s Strategic Vision - On March 29, 2016, George M. Sistrunk and Leigh T. Browne formally established the New Age Production Company (NAPC)  and agreed to work together to make Spotlight On Business  a successful venture capable of syndication on any national television network, cable network, radio network, podcast, RSS feed, Youtube channel or any other viable mass media network, electronic and/or otherwise.


III.    Show Format


            A. On Air Personnel


1. Host

                        2. Investigator & Researcher

3. Producer


            B. On Air Outline


                        1. Theme Music

                        2. Introductions (Host, Producer, Investigator, Guest Business Owner)

                        3. Discussions with Business Owner

                        4. Introduction of relevant data from the investigator and researcher

                        5. Periodic breaks for advertisers every 5 minutes.

                                    (a)        15 seconds (4 spots per minute)

                                    (b)        30 seconds (2 spots per minute)


IV.     Long Term Objective – National & International Syndication


            A. Best possible strategy to accomplish the objective.

            B. Possible help or assistance from existing publics.

            C. Cost analysis to accomplish objective.

            D. Timeline and deadline or accomplishment


V.     Target date to begin broadcast?  (TBD)


            A. Less than one year

            B. After studio are built

            C. ASAP

            D. Research and acquire the equipment for the radio show.

            E.  Look for building to house the radio show

            F.  Contractor to build the studio


VI.     Sponsors, Patrons and/or Advertisers


            A. Business Owners

            B. Professionals

            C. Contractors

            D. Entrepreneurs

            E. Organizations

            F. Institutions

            G. Patrons and/or Contributors and/or Sponsors


VII.    Parallel Development


            A. Online Channel for the Radio Show

            B. Podcast

            C. Cable Broadcast TV for the Radio Show

            D. Commercial Broadcast TV for the Radio Show

            E. Online Broadcast of the Radio Show

            F. Public Broadcast of the Radio Show.

By: George M. Sistrunk - 4/16/2016

  2015 - George M. Sistrunk - All Rights Reserved. POB 217  Orangeburg, SC 29116  803-347-6638