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Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk Disclaimer


The opinions expressed on the radio program, Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk, by the Host's Guest(s), call in listeners or chatters are solely the opinions of the original source who express them. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk (“TNT”) or New Age Production Company (“NAPC”) or any Sponsor, Community Partner and/or Affiliate(s).


Free thought is a philosophy not a policy. Although TNT may take stances on individual issues the show; itself, remains an educational platform. The purpose of TNT is to educate the public on issues and topics that affect American families; especially, African American families. TNT gives people a chance to discuss issues and topics which are not normally discussed in a social setting or on traditional African American media outlets. Many of the topics and issues expressed by Guests on TNT will be on very personal issues and/or topics that some listener’s might find offensive.


It is the listener, who makes the choice of whether to believe, listen or not. The opinions of TNT’s Guest are based on Individual Philosophy; and not the philosophy of TNT, NAPC or any of TNT’s Sponsors, Community Partners and/or Affiliates. TNT does not present anything on air that is not educational, even our teas serve and educational purpose. TNT is open to criticism or ideas for future radio programs that will educate the public. Please feel free to email us at TNT@gmail.com. Thank You




TNT is an interview style talk show that invites people in the news to a soothing cup of relaxing hot tea chosen just for them. TNT is a celebration of  the human spirit, tenacity, courage and ambition; as well as, the situations, circumstances and events that made TNT’s Guest celebrities or known personalities. Every Guest has his or her or their own story to tell. Unfortunately these stories rarely get told. These personal tales are usually buried somewhere beneath a news sound bite or a headline.


This is what TNT aims to bring to the listening audience; a candid discussion, where people can learn about who the people are that are making headline news, the covers of magazines, the subject of tweets and photo ops. The public wants to know about the personal struggles and victories that made them who they are now. Their loves, their fears, their wants and desires all put out in the open. TNT is not only about being entertaining, it is about presenting information that tingles the ear, expands the mind beyond the mundane, with astounding facts and earth shaking revelations while sipping a soothing cup of hot tea.


TNT intends to air 30 minutes a week of empowering, informative, transformational entertainment that is focused on the educational value of the broadcast. TNT believes in quality content that is educational, innovative, creative, entertaining; as well as, content that will cover sizzling hot topics, issues and information. TNT is structured to be the listener’s source for empowering, inspirational, informative and exciting entertainment, information and news with reality based messages and stories of real people that find themselves in extraordinary situations and circumstances.


TNT’s goal is to reach the widest possible audience and the widest possible market. The listeners for our radio talk show and viewers for our TV show are not only an audience, they are our clients, consumers and fans. Therefore, they deserve to have a quality production whenever they tune in. TNT's Guest will include celebrities, Oscar winning actors, Tony winners, award winning artists, singers, athletes, activists, teachers, bands, instrumentalist, musicians, filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, authors, entrepreneurs, cake decorators, chefs, health specialists, specialized therapists and the girl and guy next door with unique stories to tell and much more. This also includes interviews with well known shock jocks like Jason Black, Professor Truth, Phil Valentine, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and others.


TNT will focus on a wide range of tantalizing talk that will include the arts, entertainment news, movies, film, music, comedy, prodigy, animation, documentaries, independent short films, sports and even politics. TNT has its own originality, style, creative innovation and quality content. TNT is new on the horizon. It is fresh, exciting, entertaining, educational, informative and the real raw and undiluted truth. People everywhere will be able to relate to TNT.


TNT is committed to diversity, African American, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian and Crossover Audiences. TNT will provide a positive view of African Americans, our youth, communities, families, and the world with our productions, writings, film for TV audiences, music, images, advertising, media concepts and ideas.


Listeners and viewers will be empowered & enriched by TNT’s promotion of:


1. The importance of appreciating education with Tea N’ Talk.

2. Individual creativity and innovation to solve personal or community problems.
4. Personal health and safety, self-awareness and self-love.
5. The importance of acquiring genuine knowledge and not just information.
6. Personal growth and development, as well as; for families and communities.
7. Genuine love, peace and truth.
8. The importance of collaboration and team work.


TNT will reach out to help and serve people wherever they may be. TNT is providing real substance and quality content to people; thus, fulfilling a need for high standards and excellence on the radio, the Internet or broadcast and/or cable TV.




“TNT” will air weekly for 30 minutes on Sunday nights from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. on 93.7 FM and may be re-aired once during the same week. Talk will be interspersed with a tea that is chosen to fit the week’s topic. Currently, call-ins directly to Guests are not anticipated, however, TNT will encourage call-in questions from listeners.




“TNT” targets two primary listeners: (1) Adult citizens that are looking for exciting news and/or information about well known personalities, local statewide, national and/or international. (2) Intelligent young adults that want to be knowledgeable about people, places and events. “TNT” intends to serve as a dynamic platform where both of these listeners can find a more direct connection to the world outside of their homes and communities.


Radio Production Extension/Outreach


As “TNT” matures, we intend to take Tea N’ Talk out of the studio and do live Tea N’ Talks in schools, colleges, universities, amusement parks, resorts, on cruise ships and anywhere else our listeners and viewers can enjoy TNT’s explosive and mind expanding interviews, astounding facts and earth shaking revelations.


Community Partners


Since TNT is still new, Elite Septic Tank Service is the only sponsor at this point in time. However, we do have an aggressive campaign to obtain sponsors and advertisers for the show.


Proposed Format, Guidelines,

Operational Procedures & Policies For The Radio & TV Show


Date:  April 18, 2016


I.       The Purpose Of “Leigh’s “Tea N’ Talk” Radio & TV Show Is To:


A. Locate and identify the most dynamic and controversial personalities that are impacting, influencing or creating news and/or headlines wherever they go and let her radio audience hear their side of the story for public exposure, information and education relative to the events and/or circumstances that propelled them into the local, statewide, national and/or international spotlight.


                        1.         On College Campuses

                        2.         Local Communities

                        3.         Online

                        4.         Anywhere in the world (Note: When syndicated)


B. Provide a forum and audience for controversial and interesting personalities to explain what happened, when it happened, how it happened, where it happened, who else might be involved and why it happened and in the process solicit their views on Black economic empowerment..


C. Provide a platform for in-depth discussions relative to local, statewide, national and/or international events with insider information, astounding never heard before facts and earth shaking revelations..


II.      Mission Statement & Strategic Vision 


A. The mission of Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk is to break the mold of Black talk radio and TV shows and to work in partnership with ordinary people that found themselves in extraordinary circumstances, situations and life changing events. This will help increate a more informed public by increasing understanding and promoting the appreciation of different world views, concepts, ideologies and/or lifestyles. To accomplish the show’s mission, New Age Production Company (NAPC) will produce, acquire, and distribute programming that meets the highest standards of public service in journalism and cultural expression;


B. NAPC Strategic Vision - On March 29, 2016, George M. Sistrunk and Leigh T. Browne formally established the New Age Production Company (NAPC and agreed to work together to make Leigh’s Tea N’ Talk a successful venture capable of syndication on any national television network, cable network, radio network, podcast, RSS feed, Youtube channel or any other viable mass media network, electronic and/or otherwise.


III.     Show Format


            A.        On Air Personnel


                        1.         Host (Leigh T. Browne)


            B.        On Air Outline


                        1.         Theme Music

                        2.         Introduction of the Tea being served on the show

                        3.         Discussions with Guest

                        4.         Periodic breaks for advertisers every 5 minutes.

                                    (a)        15 seconds (4 spots per minute)

                                    (b)        30 seconds (2 spots per minute)


IV.     Long Term Objective – National & International Syndication


            A.        Best possible strategy to accomplish the objective.

            B.        Possible help or assistance from existing publics.

            C.        Cost analysis to accomplish objective.

            D.        Timeline and deadline or accomplishment


V.      Target date to begin broadcast?  (TBD)


            A.        Less than one year

            B.        After studio are built

            C.        ASAP

            D.        Research and acquire the equipment for the radio show.

            E.         Look for building to house the radio show

            F.         Contractor to build the studio


VI.     Sponsors, Patrons and/or Advertisers


            A.        Tea Companies

            B.        Professionals

            C.        Contractors

            D.        Entrepreneurs

            E.         Organizations

            F.         Institutions


VII.    Parallel Development


            A.        Online Channel for the Radio & TV Show

            B.        Podcast

            C.        Cable Broadcast TV for the Radio and/or TV Show

            D.        Commercial Broadcast TV for the Radio and/or TV Show

            E.         Online Broadcast of the Radio and/or Show

            F.         Public Broadcast of the Radio and/or TV Show

By: George M. Sistrunk - 4/15/2016

  2015 - George M. Sistrunk - All Rights Reserved. POB 217  Orangeburg, SC 29116  803-347-6638