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Reminder & Support Letters You Can Use
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Reminder &
Support Letters You Can Use 
This web page was written to help our team members and referrals at Reality Networkers remind and support members in their network more effectively.  Our purpose is to provide an online information reference source for member to use. This will help our referrals and yours begin the process of becoming more efficient and proficient in helping others make developmental decisions relative to building a permanent income network.
This web page will cover..... 
  • Reminder Letters, and...
  • Support Letters
The letters on this web page are the actual reminder and support letters we use.
Reminder Letters
The next letter you will probably write more than any other is your "Reminder Letter".  Reminder letters are sent out periodically to help your referrals remember why he/she joined Reality Networkers or to encourage team members to complete tasks. 
The most important task is to become an Active Level 1 Member.  More often than not, your referral will not pay his/her $25.00 membership fee even after he/she has 5 or more referrals.
Not paying the membership fee is the #1 problem at Reality Networkers.  This can happen even though members are financially capable of doing so.  Because many referrals in your group will not pay their membership fee in a timely manner, your income suffers, their income suffers and the network becomes stagnant. 
Few Reality Networkers realize they are the primary reason why they are not earning significant income.  Therefore, persistent contact on a regular basis will let your referral/s know, he/she has not been forgotten.  In addition to reminding your referrals to pay their membership fee in a timely manner, reminder letters can also be used to address the following issues:
  • Failure to communicate with you.
  • Failure to sponsor.
  • Failure to contact their referrals in a timely manner.
  • Failure to ask you or upline members for help.
  • Failure to take advantage of Reality's support services.  And...
  • Failure to establish or build a professional working relationship.
Once an individual has more than 5 referrals and still has not confirmed, send him/her a reminder letter.  Write in the actual number of referrals.  A copy of our most frequently used reminder letter is below.  Copy and save the letter in a file so you won't have to rewrite the letter over.  All you will have to do is insert the number of referrals.
Subject:  You Have 32 Referrals
Content:  Dear / To: ,
You have 32 referrals. You have proven you are a real leader. Your referrals are your team. Normally, after you have 5 referrals and an additional referral from your upline that will be on your task page, for a total of 6 or more team members, your job is basically done. Since you have 32, you have more than met the requirements to validate your membership so you can receive commissions.
Since you are a proven leader, your knowledge and skill will help others on your team. You should seriously consider upgrading your membership by paying the $25.00 onetime fee.
This allows you to receive commissions from your current growth and future growth. With your requirements met, that includes upgrading to validated member status, you can focus your energies and talents on helping your team members build their teams.
Your $25.00 onetime fee is; for all practical considerations, an investment in your financial future with a return. Why? After you validate your membership, you can start getting paid for your efforts.
We will give you every bit of knowledge and skill we have to help you and your referrals build a team of active members. Active means they have paid their $25.00 fee to validate their membership.
Do not forget, commissions from Reality Networkers are only a small part of your potential income. The vast majority of your earnings; as well as the earnings of your team members and those in your downline, will come from taking advantage of income opportunities. Once you are a validated member, we can discuss this more thoroughly and in detail.
You have done a fantastic job. Don't forget to share your success secrets with downline team members. All of us will help you, help them sponsor at least 5 active members.
{Your Name}
Support Letters
Depending on the level of inactivity your referrals show or information he/she seeks, you may be sending out "Support Letters" as well.  Support letters are generally sent to group members that have no or few referrals, have not contacted you or want specific information.  When your support letter is sent because of inactivity be brief.  
If your support letter is written to respond to a question, give as many details as possible or contact your upline for assistance.
Have a series of pre-written saved letters to contact members because of inactivity.  Copies of our standard "Support Letters" are  below.
Subject:  It Has Been Several Weeks Since I Heard From You
Content:  Dear / To:,
Greetings!  It has been several weeks since I heard from you.  Is everything okay? Are you still interested in building a permanent income network?  Please contac me when you get time.  If you are having problems let me know.

{Your Name}
Subject:  You Still Do Not Have Any Referrals - Do You Need Help?
Content:  Dear / To:,
Greetings!  I noticed you do not have any referrals.  Do you need help? Remember:  You can get help with referrals by contacting Donald Trotman at Reality Networkers.

{Your Name}
Subject:  This Is A Response To Your Request For Exchanges That Work
Content:  Dear / To:,
Greetings!  The following is a list of Traffic and Text Ad Exchanges our upline uses to get referrals.  To prove that these are the exchanges, I have provided the actual referral links.  Copy and paste in your browser.
Independent Marketing Group.Ws' list of exhanges that have generated the most referrals for Reality Networkers.
If you need further assistance do not hesitate to ask.
Remember:  Validate your membership by paying the onetime $25.00 fee to become a Confirmed Level 1 Member.  Do not forget your referrals are your team members whether you personally sponsored them or not.  Also, do not forget to send a welcome letter to new team members.
In Yeshua Ha Machiach's name, Independent Marketing Group.Ws shall earn $3,120.00 or more in Reality Networkers as YHVH provides.

{Your Name} No Minimum Payout
We Have Earned $20.57 To Date With DonkeyMails

We Have Earned $84.03 To Date With ClixSense


Important Notice:
This website (and the web pages it contains) is written specifically for IMG.Ws' Referrals and Team Members at Reality Networkers and not intended for public use or display.  If you have arrived here by any means, other than being invited by someone in our downline, you are welcome to stay.  Even though the information at this site is not meant for you, you might find it useful.  You might even be interested in becoming a Reality Networker, if so click here.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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