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Earn 9%-15% Fixed Rate Return on Land Home Packages.

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The final potential income wave for Individual Investors in the secondary housing market is the Land and Home Package.

On the previous pages on this website and at the Advantage Housing Income Opportunity website, our primary focus has been on the incredible buys and values that exist for Home Only investors.  On this page we will briefly explore the opportunity that exist in the secondary housing market for Land and Home Packages.
Utilizing secondary housing Land and Home Packages can not compete effectively with the earnings Individual Investors will experience with Home Only single and multi-section units.  However, when compared to traditional real estate, the earning potential of Land and Home Packages is vastly superior.
Land and Home Packages have six basic money-making categories and strategies for Individual Investor.

  1. "Cash-Out" Short-Term Gain.
  2. "Cash-Out" Intermediate Gain.
  3. "Buy-To-Rent" Long-Term Gain.
  4. "Owner-Financed" Short-Term Gain.
  5. "Owner-Financed" Intermediate Gain.
  6. "Owner-Financed" Long-Term Gain.
Each of these money-making categories and strategies is explained in detail, along with examples, in George's Presentation, How to Profit from the Downturn in Manufactured Housing. This Presentation is a "must read" for anyone desiring to capitalize fully on the earning potential in the secondary housing market.
Currently multi-section secondary housing units in Land and Home Packages can be acquired for as little as $40,000.00.  Single section units ready for occupancy can be acquired for $30,000.00 or less.
Find out how you, your family, friends and/or associates, your organization, investment club, or investment firm can take advantage of Land and Home money-making opportunities that currently exist in the secondary housing market.  Call (803) 516-0999 and ask for George.
Everyone that calls George and request more information on how to take advantage of the enormous earning potential in secondary housing will receive a FREE Email Edition of his Presentation, How to Profit from the Downturn in Manufactured Housing, so call George TODAY!!
Prices and deals have never been better.  Act Now! Call Today!!
WARNING!! This income opportunity window is extremely narrow.  It will not last for more than 1-3 years.  This is not a second chance opportunity, once this bonanza in manufactured housing is is over!!

Why Wait?  Take advantage of these incredible values in short-term contracts, installment contracts, "cash-out" acquisitions and long-term rentals today!   It is now November 2002, there are no second chances.  When this bonanza in secondary housing is is over!!

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Note:  As of 2005, this site is no longer active for sales and marketing.  However, the information written on these web pages is still an accurate and reliable guideline to acquire manufactured housing in the United States. 


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