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An Open Letter to Our Family & Friends,

Hello!  I'm Otis Harrison.  I'm going to be brief and to the point.  I grew up and now live in Orangeburg, a small town in South Carolina.  Just a few short months ago I was unemployed.  As many of you know, the job market in America and in many countries around the world is not what it used to be.
In order to cope with today's job market reality, I formed Harrison Enterprises, became an IMG.Ws Associate, joined Reality Networkers and had the Family & Friends Connection website developed, written and published for me.  With Harrison Enterprises, I can offer a variety of products, services, programs and income opportunities that will help my family and friends save money or increase their income.  Your unemployed family members or friends can do the same. With Reality Networkers, we can build a permanent income network.

What is the Family & Friends Connection?
The Family & Friends Connection is a method that will help any unemployed family member or friend that desires to help himself/herself, accomplish this objective by earning income.  Income is earned by creating and managing a productive enterprise.  As a concerned and caring family member or friend, all you have to do is support his/her business venture by taking advantage of products, services, progams or income opportunities he/she has to offer

Our Products and Services
The Family & Friends Connection is based on the principle of re-allocating existing financial resources. In other words, family members and friends do not have to find new money or spend any more money. Our program works with the money you are already spending. It is not the desire or intention of this program to create an additional financial burden for our family and friends. 
We want and need your help, but not if it is going to cost you more money. Our goal is to save you money, or provide the same or comparable value for the money you are already spending. In order to offer real value to our families and friends, the products and services we offer will accomplish these twin objectives of saving money or earning more money. 

Why the Family & Friends Connection is Different?

The Family & Friends Connection is different from any other program concept, because it does not require; nor does it ask our family and friends to spend any more money.  This concept allows you to take money you are already spending and re-direct it so it benefits you and/or your family and friends.
This also includes your relatives, associates, neighbors, co-workers, church or club members or anyone else you know.  Since all our products and services are on the Internet, people you know can participate from anywhere in the world. 
If you have an unemployed family member or friend or need additional income, use the Comment Form at the bottom of the page to send us his/her name,  email address, or home address.  Please notify your relative or friend, that you have done this, or doing this on his/her behalf.  We do not send out unsolicited emails or letters.
If you are a relative or friend of Otis Harrison, want to save money, position yourself so you can help others, or just want to take advantage of any one of our offers, you can support this program by clicking on any one of the following links.

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An Ongoing Process

My efforts to find the best value for family and friends is an ongoing process.  The  following are additional services offered by Harrison Enterprises that are not apart of the Family & Friends Connection, but will you save you money or improve an existing financial situation. 
Our aim is to have a program that anyone that desires to better himself/herself can join and help his/her family and friends save money or increase income. Many times an exceptional service can not be used to increase income, but it can be used to save you money which invariably works to accomplish the same objective.  Click on any one of the following links and judge these services for yourself.


The Family & Friends Connection can not work or succeed without the help and support of our families and friends.  Will You Help Your Family Member or Friend Help Himself/Herself?  Try our products or services for 30 days that's all we ask.  If you do not realize a net savings, or have comparable quality or value for the same money you are already spending, simply return to your old buying habits.  Thank you for caring.
Otis C. Harrison

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Postscript I:
If you have an unemployed family or friend, or if you know of someone in your community that sincerely desires to help himself/herself, use the form below to send us his/her name, email address or home address.  Contact your relative or friend and let him/her know what you are doing on his/her behalf.

Full name:
Email address:

Post Postscript II:

I want to thank Independent Marketing Group.Ws (IMG.Ws) for making the Family & Friend Connection website possible.  IMG.Ws created the file system for this program and maintains it on their server at  

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The Family & Friends Connection
This website is dedicated to Eartha Lee Mintz - June 7, 1928  to March 22, 2006 
A friend to many and mother to many. "Momma Lee"


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